The exam period is a period of war…

Thursday, March 9. 2006

Certain things shouldn’t be manufactured out of plastics… Or at least they should be manufactured out of the right plastics… my lemon squeezer died to night… it is the first victim in this exam period… seems like I’m going to lose the fight against that uprising cold :-(. At least I found some left-over ACC. Let’s hope the lemon squeezer will be the only victim of war…

Jay vs. lemon: 0-1

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Publicons reloaded

Monday, March 6. 2006

PubliconsOK I already announced that I did something, which can be regarded as a classic „I should do something useful, so I better do something “useless””. At least for the focus, which should be writing a paper and prepare for an exam. So I used my time last week and designed a Publicon for I wrote about these geek icons before. Within the last weeks I saw that those Publicons grew more and more popular, quite a few people including my friend Anna included them to their Footer at the message board. And since I was fascinated of this small images I couldn’t resist in creating one for and sent it to the Publicons service. Now they got it included :-). Have a look at it yourself at it has been put under the last section “Einzelstücke”.

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Asian instant soup

Thursday, March 2. 2006

I’ve already mentioned that I found my passion for some Asian instant soups.. I think I’m going to bother you with some of the different varieties. Today I had a soup with shrimp-flavour. The taste is somehow a little Tom-Yam soup like, since some ingredient cause a lemon-grass like taste. There is also a soft shrimp flavour.

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Are you geek? - Publicons

Sunday, January 22. 2006

Self espressionists find a new tool at the web, it is called Publicons, and it helps you to configure your private unit of this fancy small icons:


Only question is now, whether this fancy idea is pretty useless or a must have on every homepage and in every messageboard. I think it might be indeed quite nice to express some of your likings in your profile - but everything starting from your brand of computer to your political party?

Anyway, I like the small fancy icons :-) We will see how this trend develops.

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Crazy Things?!

Friday, January 13. 2006

Right now I’m sitting on my bed with my notebook (this is quite a dé jà vu since I did this in Malaysia very very often). And I got to reflect on the last few hours.. Some of my experience within this time just won’t fit into my world view. I’ll start from the last to the first issue:
Taxi in East Peninsular Malaysia It isn’t new to me that Bamberg can be regarded as virtually dead at night time. Driving home through some side streets it is not surprising that most of the traffic lights are switched of. But on the main roads those are still needed of course. But I would not have expected a taxi driver in the city to be a) speeding and b) ignoring more than one red light…
I knew so far that German Gangsta-Rap can be quite dirty. And I got to admit that there might be some tracks which I don’t find completely sick. But the song “Arschficken” from some Aggro Rapper was really disgusting. Guess I’m just too old to find something cool within the most explicit lyrics of this song. But if there is a discussion why our youth is losing it’s moral than I now know a possible reason. I found an intersting article about the German Gangsta-Rapper Sido here.
If you think that a meeting with the RCDS which is prejudiced as being conservative will be conservative – then you have never had the chance to visit an informal RCDS meeting of its members. You will notice that they are really "normal" students, too. I’m used to rough customs, but today’s topics might be regarded quite dreadful. I got to admit that it might be of some use to investigate the person with the greatest pron collection – but having an open battle in guessing ring-tones was a pain in my ass (I would post a few very annoying ones - but i don't want to infringe any copyright rules).

Edit: Had to clarify a little on some wording (P.S. thanks for the indirect advice on my typo "than" vs "then" Nils - next time you might also feel free to write a little comment, and guide me directly to such a stupid mistake).
And I would like to get straight that on the RCDS issue I can't and don't want to generalize on a whole group of people, since there were very few people left when the outlined events happened.

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