Career Killer Google?

Saturday, November 25. 2006

Talking with other students in higher semesters about blogging, there is one question that I get asked quite often: Don’t you think that blogging might endanger your job chances? Lately the German business magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” titles “Karrierekiller Google” (Career-killer Google) and talks about a few examples were a search on Google unveiled unwanted Details about persons, who then didn’t get certain jobs they applied for. Martin Röll discusses the article in his blog and criticizes that the “problem” with Google unveiling information is not approached dialectical. Many careers might be initiated just because of information Google unveiled! Jochen Mai, the author of the article also made a posting on the article in his blog.

My personal approach to this topic is very optimistic – searching for my name on Google will get you quite interesting information on me, but so far there is nothing I’d have problems to justify. Most of the links you will get will lead you to sources, which I can influence. So I think blogging keeps me in control of information that is available on the net (I doubt that someone will really "stalk on me" beyond those many many informations given there) – but if you discover a potential problem feel free to inform me.

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The penny has dropped

Friday, July 28. 2006

It was the typical problem if there is too much freedom of choice – you can search until the end of time to find the perfect thing… It is very illusory to find something perfect. But if it is about a research topic you are going to spend your time for four month it should be at least near perfect. In fact I don’t know whether I found something near perfect – but it is something I can very well live with.

I want to discuss the question: “How can innovations of social software improve e-learning platforms?” If you are interested, have a look at the first version of my expose (right now only in German). Now I got to convince my coach and my professor that this is a topic worthwhile an academic discussion. So cross your fingers!

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Windows Tool to handle bookmarks

Friday, July 21. 2006

I found an article about a toolbar for your delicious bookmarks via today. Deliwin is a port of the Italian MacOS X tool, which puts your bookmarks into the desktop tray. I tested it, but found the bookmark sorting via tag-list rather confusing. But probably my tags are a little too unorganized. Anyway, I guess there will be a lot of development with software using interfaces to social software.

Somehow I needed to find an English article to understand how the tool works, and why my bookmarks are kind of unsorted. Downloadsquad explains:

the first tag on a bookmark will be displayed as its top-level
directory, while the second tag will act as a sub-directory. This might
cause some users to retool the way they tag their bookmarks

Seems like I'm one of those users who should retool...

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Social Skills durch Social Software Conference

Wednesday, May 24. 2006

Yesterday I managed to reach the Conference just in time to visit the book presentation of "Die Google Gesellschaft" by Kai Lehmann. The following discussion was interesting and covered a really braod range of topics concerning social software.

Right now I can't wait to here the keynotes for the conference, which have really interesting topics like "Smarter, Simpler, Social – Merkmale und Eigenschaften von Social Software" by Lee Bryant.

I'll try to post my thoughts and real time experience of this conference here.

The conference wiki is growing in Realtime here:

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On the road

Monday, May 22. 2006

Seems like my planings for this week are finally finished. Tomorrow, I'll be at the Social Skills durch Social Software conference, where I will probably meet him, and stay here.

On Wednesday I'll move on to Munich to meet up with Tom. I'll stay at Tom's place from Wednesday to Thursday, and probably at To's place whom I'm also going to meet from Thursday to Friday.

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Article on E-Learning combined with Web 2.0

Tuesday, May 9. 2006

I read the following article in order to perpare myself for a topic at my oral exam tomorow. I'll be talking how current e-learning technologies can or cannot support cooperative learning. The mentioned article here shows a few really interesting links from e-learning and Web 2.0 technology. The author catches up on the change from content to manageable micro-content, and then shows how thos micro content managing tools are an enrichement to e-learning settings. Very interesting!

ALEXANDER, B. (2006): Web 2.0: A New Wave of Innovation for Teaching and Learning? EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 41, no. 2 (March/April 2006): S. 32–44.

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Workshop on Social Software

Friday, February 3. 2006

I'm currently occupied by a very promising workshop on "Social Software - Networking im Internet". I'll get you a detailed report later :-)

Edit 3:53pm: Jan puts me a little under pressure, since he already managed to get a decent article about this workshop online here. Somehow I feel like live-blogging is not my cup of tea.. But Martin Wilbers is doing a good job here. Florian Renz has also started to talk about the Workshop in his Weblog.

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