BERLIN, BERLIN, ich fahre nach BERLIN!

Wednesday, June 28. 2006

weallspeakfootball.comReaders of Jan’s Blog know that he is quite a football maniac. So it was not unexpected, that he took part in the project. Reading his latest posts it is obvious, that he had some real fun in Berlin! After reading about the weallspeakfootball-project I decided to send an application to participate – Today I received a confirmation that I’m invited to join from July 4th to July 7th. Now I'm really looking forward to some interesting and probably stimulating days in Berlin.

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Germany vs. Sweden - CELEBRATION!

Sunday, June 25. 2006

MarkusSince pictures tell more than a thousand words, I won't bother you with too much words about yesterday's celebration of our soccer team making it to the next round of the worldcup. Just have a look at my pictures taken downtown Bamberg here!

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Fans lost their trousers

Monday, June 19. 2006

There has been quite discussion about Goleo VI (the mascot of the soccer world cup 2006). Many people complained that it would be inappropriate for a mascot to wear no trousers. Probably this was one of the reasons why the demand for this football lion was less than expected, and its producer as hit with insolvency. Lyssa blogging for is currently seeking for a new mascot since she really dislikes Goleo VI.

But now everything gets a new dimension – some Dutch soccer fans had to loose their trousers in order to be allowed to enter the soccer match against Ivory Coast! Obviously a Dutch brewery carried out marketing, distributing trousers with there logo. The strict responsible persons of the Fifa then protected the Anheuser Busch’s right to be the only seen beer sponsor… Weird world… Luckily for our Dutch neighbors, Germany is a liberal country, and the Fans were allowed to see the game wearing only underwear. Guess some years ago the U.S. would not have allowed something similar.

I'm really happy that our neighbours made it into the competition this time (After some problems four years ago). Probably our teams will meet like '74. But as we all now: "Der Ball ist rund, das spiel hat 90 Minuten und am Ende gewinnen immer die Deutschen." (The ball is circular, the game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.)

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Soccer Worldcup Opening Party

Saturday, June 17. 2006

Last weeks Friday was the opening of the soccer worldcup 2006. Since Germany is the host of this tournament and our team has the honour to do the opening game, it went without saying, that organized an event to celebrate this. First element was an human soccer tournament. I was responsible to operate the sound equipment for this event and to do some DJing. Somehow the DJing went much easier than I thought. During the Human Soccer cup I had some sampler CD with the best soccer songs running in a loop and later the time were I could play some party music was greatly reduced. First it was reduced by the decision to broadcast the second soccer match with sound, and second by some neighbours who had complained to the police about too loud music. It was also quite easy to find some songs that suited for the masses. Requests to play Oliver Pocher’s “Schwarz und Weiß” and “54,74,90,2006” by the Sportfreunde Stiller hit me during the whole event. Although people found various reasons to complain afterwards, like the screen which was a little too much sunlight until 7pm, or some fans which thought they could watch the game while having a picnic (and complaining about other who stood up), I regard the whole event as a success.

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Sports - Part 8 - Human Soccer Cup

Saturday, June 17. 2006

The Winning TeamIn 2004 had organized the first human soccer cup at the university. Obvious that such a tournament would be a good idea to support the World championship opening party. Unluckily only very few students agreed on this idea. So there were only four teams competing with each other. One was a team from, another one was the champion of 2004 – my soccer team of the Uni-Cup - Partysan Bamberg 03. In 2004 I think I had the chance to play one or two games for the Team. This year I was playing for Partysan Bamberg! Without losing a single game we defended our title and won some 30 litres of beer!

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Sports - Part 7 - Partysan vs. Spielerfrauen

Monday, June 12. 2006

Partysan Bamberg 03 team PhotoIt was the only game were I was set to play in the starting eleven and I was lucky that I made it to the game in time. The meeting of the assessment committee for the chair of logistics had taken longer than expected, and I hit the field 15 minutes before kick-off. That was barely enough time to take a team photo and to warm up a little bit. It was really cold and so it was good for me that I was playing almost the full sixty minutes. Immediately after the game I had the impression that I could freeze to death.

Party at the fieldDuring the game it was clear that our team was more than a match for the girls we were playing against. So we took it really easy. Our line-up was mirrored: the goal keeper was playing forwards, and it was up to our team captain to keep a clean sheet. Somehow I had the imagination that our defence didn’t make that job too easy for him… Well, no details here. We ended the game 9:5 or something like that and I think everyone was happy afterwards. We ended the evening having a barbecue, and later celebrating our win in our group at the Live-Club.

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Ladi-Lad-Ladi-O Deutschland vor! Schießt ein Tor!

Friday, June 9. 2006

The German topic of this post is taken from a song by Peter Wackel, whose performance I enjoyed yesterday evening at the Bergkerwa in Erlangen. This song was a great warmup for today’s opening game. I’ll be on my way to the World championship Opening Party within the next hour – my colleagues have prepared a open air party for students in Bamberg.

Due to the opening game tonight football seems to be the topic of the hour. Christine and Florian give their bets for the game and Simon has some good reasons for all of the competitors to win the tournament (But of course we know that Germany will be the Champion 2006!).

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Partysan vs. Wuchtn!

Monday, May 15. 2006

SoccerI realize, that I didn't make it to write a summary about our first soccer match, at the UniCup 2006... I only threw a humongous picture series online, without any further explanation. Well, it was a hard game, but we made it to win 2:1 agains Wuchtn!, which was supposedly one of the strongest opponents in our group. Since the game was close till the end and I don't have much practice, I didn't get a chance to play, but probably the game today will be less close ;-).

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