All this free music!

Friday, January 25. 2008

This is a lucky week for all those music lovers out there. Using the promo code “c45972p” at the very first page of registration, you get the Napster music flat rate free for three month (for details see this article). The files you get through Napster are .wma files with a strict licensing – you are only allowed to play those files on three computers as long as you keep your Napster subscription. But on certain software tools allow to “hack” this protection, whether this is legal is another question.

Starting from yesterday opened its archives for public listening; now you can’t just get 30 second snippets of the songs, but full versions! The songs there are limited to three times of playback - if you want to listen to them more often, you got to buy them. But currently this protection is not too effective, since the files get stored in your browser cache upon playback. All you have to do is to search for the right file size (usually there are not too many files bigger than 3MB in your cache) and rename the files to mp3... I expect they will find a way to close this hole soon.

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Holding out for a hero

Thursday, December 20. 2007

This is a hell of a cover song!

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One, for the road

Sunday, November 18. 2007

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Upcoming DJ gig: Wednesday, Nov. 28th –

Monday, November 5. 2007

DJ CatMark that above date in your calendar. I’ll be your serving DJ on that date at the morph club in Bamberg, entertaining students with my wide repertoire of tunes. Of course all my readers are invited to come, and to influence the party by posting song requests here. I’ve already gathered some interesting new tracks but I am still open for more input. So far definitely on my playlist:

Rihanna – Shut up and drive
Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls
F&K – Die mit dem roten Halsband
Fedde le Grand – Put your hands up for Detroit
Klaxons – Atlantis to interzone
Die Fantastischen Vier - Fornika Ichisichisichisich
Texta ft. Attwenger - (So schnoe kaust gor net) schaun
Fall Out Boy - This Aint A Scene Its An Arms Race
Beatstakes – Jane became insane
Art Brut – My little Brother

I’m also still searching for a place to sleep. You can put your offers in this thread, or contact me via mail (See “about” if you don’t have the address).

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Out for the Frequency-Festival

Tuesday, August 14. 2007

Leaving this afternoon I will be heading head for Salzburg, to visit the Frequency-Festival, which takes place at the Salzburgring this week. Headliners are Nine Inch Nails, Die Ärzte and Tool. But of course there a lot of really good bands on stage. I’m looking forward to see: Kaiser Chiefs, Billy Talent, Groove Armada, Klaxons and Fall Out Boy!

Like for the Southside festival I will be there sent by to give the users there a nice coverage of the event. Unluckily I don’t have nice company like last time. But visiting a festival on your own will be fun, too ;-). I will try to give you some live coverage through moblogging here, but I’m not sure how often I will manage to do this, since the costs sending from Austria might be quite high.

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On my playlist

Tuesday, July 31. 2007

Tomorrow I’ll have the honor to entertain the partycipate party crowd by playing some tracks for them. I’ll be DJing at the Haas Säle from 9pm to 11pm. At the moment I’m about to gather some music for this event. Again, I’m quite free about the style of music I will be playing - but of course it has to fit to the student main stream audience...

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Southside - Here we come!

Saturday, June 16. 2007

Initially I was planing to visit the great Glastonbury Festival. But somehow I didn't really find some friends to make the long journey to the British Island. The trip would have been quite expensive, though.. But rescue found me - got accredited to cover the Southside Festival and I will be there to guarantee a decent picture coverage.

The Southside Festival is held on a plateau in Neuhausen ob Eck a few kilometers north of Lake Constance. This year 45.000 tickets will be sold for this festival. Headlining artists are the grunge legends Pearl Jam, the alternative-rocker Marylin Manson and the all time hip-hop heroes the Beastie Boys. Personally I'm looking forward to finally see Placebo live. I'm also quite curious in seeing some newcomers like Karpatenhund and Fotos.

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Nightwish – new vocalist confirmed

Thursday, May 24. 2007

She is from Sweden, ages 35 and is most gorgeous. No, I’m not writing about a new girlfriend today, but about the new lead singer of the Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish. I wrote about rumours about the new lead singer before, but this time it is now rumour, but official. Anette Olzon is taking over Tarja Tutunen’s place. Read more about her at the official band home page. Now I’m really expectant about the new single, which will be out by tomorrow.

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