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Sunday, April 23. 2006

Seems like it is time for some questionnaires again… Nils asks me to answer a few questions – so here we go:

  1. Take the book next to you, go to page 18 and quote line 4:
    !Ojo con el perro! – Vorsicht bissiger Hund! (Unluckily no English book, but my Spanish-German Grammar-Book)
  2. Reach out as far as you can with you’re right arm – what can you grab?A pack of chili powder which leans against one of my speaker boxes.
  3. What was the last TV-Show you watched?
    Depends on whether you only count real TV, or the TV programme you can get out of the Internet. Real TV: Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers. Internet: Alias S05E11
  4. With the exception of you’re computer, to what are you listening atm?
    Christina Stürmer - Wirklich alles! [Live Wiener Stadthalle] cd1 Track2 – Geh nicht wenn du kommst.
  5. When did you you do a step out of you’re door for the last time?
    On Friday to watch Final Destination 3 with a friend
  6. What did you do before answering this questionnaire?
    I was sleeping.
  7. What are you wearing atm?
    A beige/khaki pyjama
  8. Did you dream last night?
    Not that I could remember, but I don’t think so.
  9. When was the last time you had to laugh?
    Guess at sometime yesterday talking to friends at the Feki.de Chat.
  10. What occupies the walls of the room, in which you are currently sitting?
    The only remarkable thing is a flag of Selangor.
  11. Did you see something strange lately?
    Klabusterbeere is in my Feed-Reader – any more questions?
  12. What do you think about this questionnaire?
    It starts to bore me.
  13. What was the last movie you watched?Final Destination 3
  14. What would you buy if you’d be rolling in money?
    I’d probably try to buy my own university ;-)
  15. Tell something about yourself, which I don’t know yet.
    I’ll be driving home to my parents to have lunch later.
  16. If you could change one thing at our world, what would that be?
    That’s a hard one… But I think I would try to enhance the tolerance of the people somehow.
  17. Do you like dancing?
    I used to like it, but somehow I lost track of doing Standard-Dances.. so the only thing I can do sometimes looks like Murder on the Dancefloor ;-)
  18. George Bush
    Go to question 16.
  19. If you’re first child was a girl, how would you call it?
    Definitely not Suri. But I really can’t tell.. Guess I’d prefer something traditional like Katharina or Maria.
  20. And if it was a boy?
    I don’t have a clue.
  21. Would you see it as a possibility for you to emigrate?
    Sure. There are other beautiful places on this planet!
  22. What would you tell god reaching the heaven’s gate?
    Hi old lad – is my deckchair at the beach ready, yet? And are the cocktails chilled?
  23. Five people you want to answer this questionnaire:
    Coyote, since he needs content in his brand new blog, anyway.
    Simon, since he is my top link to the Malaysian Blogosphere.
    Corinna (Yes, Lucky it's you!)
    Obelisk Dee

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Soundtrack of my life?!

Monday, February 20. 2006

01 .:. One song.. from your early childhood: Koreana - Hand in Hand (song of the olympic games 1988 in South Korea)

02 .:. One song.. you are associating with your first big love: Modjo - Lady followed by Spiller - Groovejet

03 .:. One song.. which reminds you to one of your holidays: RMB - The Spring / Dido - Sand in my Shoes

04 .:. One song.. you like, but you have got to problems to confess: Udo Jürgens - Die Sonne und du

05 .:. One song.. which accompanied you, while you where lovesick: Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my eyes

06 .:. One song.. you listened to most often in your life: Roxette - Fading like a Flower

07 .:. One song.. which is your most favoured instrumental: Howard Shore - Concerning Hobbits

08 .:. One song.. which represents one of your most favoured bands: Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

09 .:. One song.. in which you recognizes yourself or through which you feel somehow understood: The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

10 .:. One song.. which reminds you to a certain occasion (and the occasion): Seeed - Papa Noah / Boarder Week in Val Thorens 2003

11 .:. One song.. you like an which belongs to the Hip Hop / Rap genre: 50 Cent - Candyshop

12 .:. One song.. which is the best for you to relax: Enigma - Snow on the Sahara

13 .:. One song.. which symbolizes a great time in your life: Blue Lagoon - Break my stride

14 .:. One song.. which is your most favourite song at the moment: Die Toten Hosen - Weltmeister [unplugged]

15 .:. One song.. which you would dedicate to your best friend: Sportfreunde Stiller - Wellenreiten '54

16 .:. One song.. where you have got the feeling that no one besides you likes it: Massive Töne - Cruisen

17 .:. One song.. you like because of its lyrics: Sportfreunde Stiller - Ich Roque

18 .:. One song.. you like very much and which is neither german nor english: David Bisbal - Ave maria

19 .:. One song.. which helps you to work off: Metallica & San Francisco Symphony - Nothing Else Matters

20 .:. One song.. which should be played on your funeral: Placebo - Special K

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Low-flying projectiles

Sunday, February 5. 2006

Blogging in Bamberg can be quite dangerous. Today a lot of low-flying projectiles have been sighted. One of them hit me, too (thx Sabine). To show you all that I’m now lowbrow, I won’t leave this unnoticed…

Four Jobs in my live: 
Assistant at the military administration

Four movies I could watch again and again:
Lucía y el sexo
Lord of the Rings – Return of the King
Starwars – A new Hope

Four places where I used to live:
Truppach near Bayreuth
Oberviechtach (doing my military service)
Petaling Jaya

Four TV-broadcasts I like to watch: (This one is really hard without owning a TV..)
Star Trek - Deep Space 9
Wetten dass?

Four places I went to for holiday
Los Angeles

Four of my most favoured dishes
Nasi Lemak
Duck (franconian style)

Four Websites I visit daily:

Four places where I would prefere to be now:

Four blogger who should suffer the same:
Hardi in Munich
Florian not yet in NZ 
Conny (where are you atm gorgeous?) 
Gerhard in Bamberg

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Questionnaire 2005

Thursday, January 12. 2006

Sabine had a stick to throw around by posting her personal questionnaire, and although I’m not a friend of those self-projections I will use it to reflect a little on the last year. See also the (German) questionnairs of Sabine and Nils.

  • Gained or lost weight? – Neither (Although I gained some 2kg being in Malaysia, I seem to have lost them again).
  • Hair – shorter or longer?Longer, definitely. Although during the year my cut was quite short.
  • Short-sighted or far-sighted? – Applying to my eyesight everything still seems to be perfect.
  • Spent more or less than 2004? – Malaysia was quite expensive – so I spent more money.
  • Most crazy plan in 2005? – I honestly thought that I’d have a chance in university politics.. but politics are rarely led by pragmatic aspects.. - Guess I'm to pragmatic.
  • Most dangerous undertaking? – From a European point of view many of my undertakings in Malaysia might be regarded as dangerous. But there was one incident when I was driving home from partying in KL, when our driver wasn’t as sober as he should be.. I think this was the only moment when I didn’t feel safe in .my
  • The best Sex? – I won’t comment on that issue in public.
  • Most expensive acquisition? – EOS 350D
  • Most delicious meal? – Hard to say.. I ate so much different delicious things in Malaysia. But there was this duck dinner with plenty of garlic and chilli… I think I’ll put this first.
  • Most impressive book? – Neal Stephenson – The Diamond age. Although I read this book already a few years ago I find it still impressing. It covers a vision of e-learning which is most interesting.
  • Most moving movie? – Actually there are two movies that come into my mind. The first one is War of the Worlds. Although the story is kinda incredible the pictures where really moving. The second one is Sex and Lucia. Dirk recommended that movie to me, and he was right the unclear story is definitely something that keeps you thinking.
  • Best CD? – "Morcheeba - The Antidote"
  • Best Concert? – It was no conventional concert but the Revelation trance party in Port Dickson was a great experience.
  • Spent the most time with...? – People: Dirk, who became a real good friend! Activity: Writing this blog while exploring Malaysia
  • Spent the best time with...? – Germany: Susann; Malaysia: Dirk
  • Dominating feeling in 2005? – Curiosity.
  • Did for the first time in 2005? – Windsurfing.
  • Did again after a long time? – Swimming in the ocean
  • Three things I could very well have done without? The most dangerous undertaking from above, ???, ???
  • Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody of? – Globalisation is unstoppable, and Germany has to move on to compete efficiently.
  • The best present I gave to someone? Probably the Crazy Frog CD I bought in Bangkok and gave to Claudia. It was a real good way to give someone a present.
  • The best present I got from someone? – A tiny espresso cup.
  • Nicest sentence that someone said to me? – Idiomatically translated “You are a great guy.”
  • Nicest sentence I said to someone? – Don't know.
  • 2005 in one word: – full of experience (in German this is really one word)

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Blogger questionnaire

Thursday, June 9. 2005

Ok, i'm working late today.. so i have the chance, to answers Jan's request to join a kind of a blog-chain-letter really fast!

Total volume of music files in my computer:
4,31GB ~916 files (don't have my external HDD in office - that would contain another 45GB..)

The last CD I bought:
Coldplay - X&Y (the day before yesterday in Petaling street)

Song playing right now:
"Christina Stürmer - Ich lebe (Radio Version)"

5 songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

  1. RMB - The Spring (The Only Audio-CD I brought to .my)
  2. Fettes Brot - Emanuela
  3. Roxette - Church of Your heart
  4. Darude - Sandstorm
  5. Metallica - Nothing else matters

5 persons I’m passing the baton:

  1. Sebastian Schmelzer
  2. Anna Schroiff
  3. Florian Schnappauf
  4. Christina from http://infojahrsingapore.blogspot.com
  5. Chayenne Tan

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