Music collection for the piste

Monday, April 10. 2006

Here are my top songs of the skiing holiday:

  • Sasha – Slowly
    While cruising down the slope in a relaxed mood, and getting outpaced by some racing people. You can have a look at the music video here.
    "everyone out there
    keeps rushing around
    but we'll just be floating
    safe and sound"
  • Farin Urlaub vs. Racing Team – Zehn
    Being pulled up a Ski-tow, this song can be really fun. You hast have to take care that you don’t jump to high ;-)!
    „HeyHo da steht ihr nun, ihr seht gut aus und ihr seid jung,
    Und was uns jetzt noch fehlt ist Publikumsbeteiligung.
    So einfach isses nicht, wie ihr wahrscheinlich denkt.
    Das Leben ist kein Baumarkt und ihr kriegt nichts geschenkt.
    Eure Gesundheit ist was uns am Herzen liegt,
    Und außerdem seh´ ich´s gern wenn ihr schwitzt und euch verbiegt.
    Ich zähl´ bis Zehn und dann will ich euch springen sehen!
    1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7,8,9 - ZEHN”

  • Die Ärzte – Monsterparty
    This Ärzte song was first published in 2002 with the Unplugged Album “Rock’n Roll Realschule”. Its lyrics are really a great! So we did spend quite some time with Markus’ phone to listen to this song.

  • Heiko und Maiko – Sonnenschein
    We had a lot of sunshine, so this relaxed club tune was really fitting.
    „Aufgetankt und voller Kraft, spüre ich das Leben, fabelhaft. Was gestern war ist mir egal, die Welt ist nicht nur digital. Statt zu rennen, einfach gehen, barfuß auf der Wiese stehen. Schau wieder in mein herz hinein und seh' darin den Sonnenschein.“

  • It's not a joke, it's countryTexas Lightning – Over the mountains
    Is a new interpretation of Reinhard Mey’s great song “Über den Wolken” and the lyrics are really well translated (You can reach them via this page). There is also a song snippet accessible here. It was expecially fitting when we had this view over the clouds.

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What is "media diversity"?

Sunday, March 12. 2006

Guess I’ll need that for my exam on Wednesday - at least as a snippet. So I use this topic to break the series of “useless” tagged entries… First there are two perspectives on this topic on is more macro-economical and quantitative, and considers the different available media offerings in a country e.g. the topic that German Publishing giant Springer (who among other things publishes “Bild” – Germany’s most read tabloid) was not allowed to take over the private TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1. So if there would only be one or two big companies running all the media in a country you could consider the media diversity as very shallow.

The other approach towards media diversity is more micro-economical and qualitative. This is more the perspective I want to use when I’m writing about media diversity related to teaching. Here you can consider it as the “use of different tools, media types and materials”. So in this context we might just consider it as many different media channels, which are used. Talking about inevitably the various possibilities of the internet may strike us. It can’t be regarded as one media channel, but has to be analyzed more deeply to get an overview over the different channels there.

Further thoughts on this topic are appreciated!

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Bliss, the worlds first intelligent romantic game for lovers.

Tuesday, February 28. 2006

Has your relationship gone into a routine? Or do you want to spice it up a little bit? Then a little game developed by an US software engineer. The author developed the game mainly for himself and his wife (as an anniversary gift). He describes the game:

“Bliss is designed to help couples explore the sexual aspect of their relationships by encouraging communication and openness. The goal of Bliss is to help long term couples strengthen and enhance their relationships. Unlike many sexually oriented games, Bliss focuses on romance, love, and intimacy rather than blatant and sometimes offensive sexuality. Bliss is full of unique and innovative romantic ideas.“

The game strikes with its great simplicity – it is a personalized monopoly style game. But instead of building hotels and to pay for accommodation at you are allowed to build different service shops, and you can work for the visit there. So you get the chance to perform different tasks for your partner. There is also a classic “lovers lane” and much more. There is a free demo-version available for download.

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