Sports - Part 8 - Human Soccer Cup

Saturday, June 17. 2006

The Winning TeamIn 2004 had organized the first human soccer cup at the university. Obvious that such a tournament would be a good idea to support the World championship opening party. Unluckily only very few students agreed on this idea. So there were only four teams competing with each other. One was a team from, another one was the champion of 2004 – my soccer team of the Uni-Cup - Partysan Bamberg 03. In 2004 I think I had the chance to play one or two games for the Team. This year I was playing for Partysan Bamberg! Without losing a single game we defended our title and won some 30 litres of beer!

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Bergkerwa 2006 – Part 1

Monday, June 12. 2006

Crowded BergThis year I made it to the Bergkerwa in Erlangen two times. The first visit was organized by my friends. To reach Erlangen we had split into two groups. The first did take a train around 2pm, which was far to early in my opinion. So I headed to Erlangen with a second group consisting of Rene, Markus and Katha taking the 5:30om train to Erlangen. And of course you can’t go to Erlangen on such a day without meeting other students and friends. Tim and our famous Iventscout-Party Team including Matze and DJ Hammer were on the same train.

PartyAlthough the weather wasn’t too nice the Berg-area was quite crowded when we arrived there. After a few minutes we managed to meet up with our first group and found as a nice place at one of the beer gardens. Good to have a place to sit – but no music and unpleasant service (the waiter “by mistake” stole one of our empty mugs.) Having our first beer there we then decided to meet up with Tim and the other guys.

CrowdArriving there at the other end of the Berg-area they were already enjoying themselves. It was really really crowded now, and standing near to a tree at some junction you had to take care not to be pushed away. But this was no reason to get our mood spoiled. Sometime later that evening Markus and me ended standing in front of one of the liquor stands... Luckily after 45 minutes our friends who had dropped us their managed it to return... We ended up partying at the Big Kitzmann tent. I won’t write about the events of the journey home on the train. But there is a nice video.. (which I can’t link here, but I encourage you to email Tim to see it ;-))

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Ladi-Lad-Ladi-O Deutschland vor! Schießt ein Tor!

Friday, June 9. 2006

The German topic of this post is taken from a song by Peter Wackel, whose performance I enjoyed yesterday evening at the Bergkerwa in Erlangen. This song was a great warmup for today’s opening game. I’ll be on my way to the World championship Opening Party within the next hour – my colleagues have prepared a open air party for students in Bamberg.

Due to the opening game tonight football seems to be the topic of the hour. Christine and Florian give their bets for the game and Simon has some good reasons for all of the competitors to win the tournament (But of course we know that Germany will be the Champion 2006!).

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Friday, May 19. 2006

I'm back from today's visit at Bearing Point Consulting in Frankfurt, and already on the run, to join my friends for the Weekend in Warmensteinach. Like Coyote already mentioned, it is unclear, whether I'll have the chace to write something from there..

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150(!) quotes at the chat.

Thursday, March 23. 2006

Ok. I will keep it short for the moment. HERE is the long awaited .xls-sheet. Explanation will be written later.

The chat provides students of the University of Bamberg the possibility to talk to people like them over the internet. The chat has been established about two years ago. Where at the beginning was only a group of just a few users and moderators, now a decent group of regular users occupies the chat to talk about there problems, or just to kill time. Within this time remarkable quotations have been added to the channel-bot’s memory. The above excel list gives an overview about the now 150(!) quotations which have been stored. Some of them are only funny knowing the context, but many are just interesting without further explanation. I did also start to make a little analyses on the quotes but... well.. that's a little time consuming.

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