3D-Shooter Mash-Up

Sunday, July 16. 2006

I searched my archives for a certain mp3, and doing that I found the attached mash up, which was done by a friend of mine some years ago. It combines a report on brutal 3D-Shooters with some audio taken from a few of our LAN-Parties... I hope you like it, i think it's just too good to stay in my archive. (Unluckily it's in German, apologies to my English speaking readers.)

Initially I planned to publish the file as my first podcast, but somehow I have problems using the s9y-podcast plugin... Probably next time.

Edit 17.07.: I managed to get the file embedded using quicktime now!

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Free culture!

Thursday, July 13. 2006

Through SPON I found a EFF’s “Frequently Awkward Questions for the Entertainment Industry”. The contain a few interesting issues concerning the work of RIAA and MPAA. I was immediately reminded to Lawrence Lessig’s book “Free Culture” which discusses how cultural progress is being stopped by the media industries revenue interests... The book is worth reading and shows some interesting historical facts, how the lobbying industry achieved to keep there copyrights by influencing the government.

Did I mention, that the book is available for free download?

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Fans lost their trousers

Monday, June 19. 2006

There has been quite discussion about Goleo VI (the mascot of the soccer world cup 2006). Many people complained that it would be inappropriate for a mascot to wear no trousers. Probably this was one of the reasons why the demand for this football lion was less than expected, and its producer as hit with insolvency. Lyssa blogging for Weallspeakfootball.com is currently seeking for a new mascot since she really dislikes Goleo VI.

But now everything gets a new dimension – some Dutch soccer fans had to loose their trousers in order to be allowed to enter the soccer match against Ivory Coast! Obviously a Dutch brewery carried out marketing, distributing trousers with there logo. The strict responsible persons of the Fifa then protected the Anheuser Busch’s right to be the only seen beer sponsor… Weird world… Luckily for our Dutch neighbors, Germany is a liberal country, and the Fans were allowed to see the game wearing only underwear. Guess some years ago the U.S. would not have allowed something similar.

I'm really happy that our neighbours made it into the competition this time (After some problems four years ago). Probably our teams will meet like '74. But as we all now: "Der Ball ist rund, das spiel hat 90 Minuten und am Ende gewinnen immer die Deutschen." (The ball is circular, the game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.)

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How to follow the Worldcup without a TV

Tuesday, June 13. 2006

As most of you know, I don’t own a TV. This is absolutely no problem for me in general. If I wanted to watch a movie I’d just ask one of my friends for a DVD, or I’d go to the movies with friends. I always followed some brand new TV-Series from the U.S. via Bit-Torrent. But right now I’m a little pissed. I can’t sit here in my room and follow a soccer match! Well actually I can. Since there are P2P streaming services like Sopcast or TVAnts, I can watch a TV stream from Asia (CCTV5 rules!). But it will drive you crazy listening to the commentary longer than a few minutes.

Which gets me to the question – where is our German TV? Starting from the first of January next year they want me to pay TV-fees for my internet-capable computer! I absolutely don’t know what for. Would it be so difficult to set up a streaming platform for German TV?

But, well watching games home alone is boring anyway. So I will try to meet up with friends during the interesting games.

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Horizons2020 – A thought provoking look at the future

Tuesday, April 4. 2006

Often big companies are trying to see a little bit of the future, to enhance their capabilities to deal with possible changes. Siemens tried to do this lately by asking tns infratest to do a study how our life could look like in 2020. The study is available in both English and German. There are two possible Horizons covered in that study. The first one “Equality, Freedom, Modesty” has a rather strong government, and the economy and society is highly regulated in Europe. The second Horizon shows a less regulated picture of the future “Energy, Networking, Risk”. If you are up for some visions go for this study and get a little thinking.

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Nightly TV

Thursday, March 23. 2006

I’m sure if our country will not die out due to the luck of people who manage it to have a family and children, this will happen because of stultification.
I more or less took the last two days off, to have a little “holiday” – no obligations to take care of, nothing specific to do… just some internet surfing, enjoy a few podcasts and of course some TV. Since I don’t own a own TV, I have to take advantage of occasions when I can watch TV. So I was watching music videos for almost the entire afternoon. And in the evening some detective stories on TV caught my attention. Then I got a piece of advice for a movie involving the US-Army just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. So time passed by pretty fast and I ended up watching the “Zeitspiegel”. This is quite an interesting magazine program of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. But after this quite sophisticated program I was really struck, about the offerings of the private TV channels… Two channels were offering some astrology programs, one was advertising a stupid sms-chat about shallow sex-topics, and a last one broadcasted a really stupid quiz-voting program. Is this the future of our independent TV? No wonder that barely no one in our society cares about topics like globalisation, if they are trying to figure out how to put jumbled letters into the right order..

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10 good reasons to blog in a foreign language

Wednesday, March 8. 2006

Sabine inspired me to this post, talking about the German spelling reform. I had this issue covered through an article analysing why blogging for me in English is the right decision. But I think there is a more humorous approach to this question, so here are my reasons:

10. No worries about local spelling reforms.

09. You will attract foreign readers, who will try to convince you of their issues “Buy Viagra and Cialis for only….”

08. You can write things in a subtle way, some readers might not understand (Sorry, no practical examples on that, since I want to keep you in the dark about some all of those subtle hints).

07. Looking up words in a big dictionary will help you to get really fast in using indexes or might even train some muscles, if the dictionary is only heavy enough. (Luckily I’m using a computer dictionary ;-))

06. The question why you are using a foreign language is always a nice issue to discuss about “You are German, you should write in German, too!”…

05. It is really nice to explore linguistic niceties looking up words in a dictionary. How else would you ever get to learn that a “wet blanket” and “to be prone to tears” are not related?

04. It still something foreign and mistakes using that language will be forgiven easier in comparison to mistakes in you native language.

03. You get additional value to your posts by misunderstanding caused by wrong wordings “He is not in anymore” vs. “he already left the office”.

02. You can improve in this language: “Me English is no powderful! English is not my mother’s toung-la!”

01. A lot of false friends you might get acquainted to (actually I will eventually finish this list now!).

P.S. Greetings go to Simon a blogger from Malaysia who has been writing tons of funny Top10 lists.

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Bamberg – a den of thieves?

Monday, February 27. 2006

Statistics say that if there is a probability for a certain occasion to happen, and it can happen to you more than one time – after it happened to you – the probability will NOT change. But out of psychological reasons the probability might feel lower. Why should it happen to me again? Well it happened to me again…
About 2 years ago my bike was stolen out of some backyard at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. The Bike at that time was not in a too good shape. But it had a lot of personal value to me, since I had owned it for years. The bike was also locked. But obviously this didn’t keep someone from stealing it. This weekend it happened to me again. My Bike was stolen some days ago between Saturday morning 3am and Sunday afternoon from the front of my flat at the Memmelsdorfer Str.. Now I’m Pedestrian again...
You may write your condolences as comments under this post, and donations for a new bike are welcome at my account with the Sparkasse Bayreuth, BLZ 773 501 10, Acct. Number 72 43 44

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