Bamberg zaubert!

Saturday, July 14. 2007

Click for full size imageWe are currently having an inofficial and spontaneous blogger meeting near the main stage of the Bamberg zaubert festival. The Troglauer Buam are on stage and rockin' the venue.

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Sunday, July 8. 2007

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Freak City does it once more!

Wednesday, June 27. 2007

Champion BambergThe Dragon has been tamed. Yesterday the Team of the Brose Baskets Bamberg won the fourth play off final against the Artland Dragons, ending the best of five series 3:1 for Bamberg! Two years ago, when Bamberg won the championship the first time, i was far away in Malaysia and couldn't take place in the celebrations. This year I was there in the front row. I took pictures of the public viewing at the Haas Säle, from the fans celebrating in the city, at the Maxplatz when the Team arrived back from Quakenbrück and later of the team partying at the Il Centro.

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Youth going wild?

Tuesday, April 3. 2007

Seems like i don't have too much luck with bicycles in Bamberg. Two of my bikes got already stolen - now, two weeks ago the bike I borrowed from Katrin was dumped into a excavation pit, while I was visiting the Stilbruch pub downtown Bamberg. Luckily only the front fender was bent. But I wonder why people do such things. Were they just bored? Or unlucky, that the bike was locked?

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Bananafishbones – When you pass by Tour 2007

Sunday, March 18. 2007

Last week I visited the concert of the Bavarian group Bananafishbones in Bamberg. I was not only present there to get some pictures for the homepage of the Live-Club (the place where the band was playing), but also to enjoy myself by listening to the music of their new record. To most of the people the Bananafishbones are only known through one ore two songs, which were really successful in Germany. The first one “Come to sin” was published as song for a Germany wide advertisement for a fashion label. Peter HornLater the relaxed country song “Easy day” (featuring Franka Potente) achieved country wide attention. But in between those songs and the current record the band was not inactive. They created soundtracks for the movies “Die Wilden Kerle 1-4” and “Open Water 2”. The Bananafishbones are a very versatile band, which can’t be categorized into a specific genre. My friend Daniel, who wrote an review for, describes it as “atmospheric rock, punk-country, jazz-rock, avantgardist”. I was really surprised how the band consisting of only three people with three instruments managed to play such versatile and varied songs. I'll do a review of their album, as soon as I get hold of it. Meanwhile have a look at the "Best of" of my concert pictures.

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Article about self-projection amongst students in Bamberg in BENF

Monday, February 26. 2007

I took the time today to write a small article about students and their self-projections through pictures on the student-community StudiVZ. Unluckily the language on BENF is German.. To not discriminate my English reader I've at least a small summary here.

Somehow it seems to be en vogue to use "cool" pictures on user profiles or in picture galleries on the student community StudiVZ. In my opinion some of those pictures are really misplaced there. So I'm commenting on the six worst examples hoping, that I might shake someone awake.

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Blogger meeting

Wednesday, January 24. 2007

Unluckily I don't have much time to write an epic review about the blogger meeting Bee initiated last Friday. But there is attached picture, which I don't want to keep from you. It shows Paule, Bee and the famous "Pimmelhütchen" which was also participating. More participants were: gicha, tonnenkind, Jan and later scotti and Karl.

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Spar ma uns die Bildung!

Friday, December 1. 2006

I discovered another interesting video-snippet in my archive, it's part of a song performed by Alfi Zanklgruber at a demonstration against tuition fees in 2003. If someone is interested in that song - I should have the CD somewhere around.

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