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Wednesday, March 1. 2006

Having a short chitchat with Jan this monday, I mentioned that I have no explanation for the overwhelming number of visits to my site (10999 in February). I know that a few of my friends are loyal readers of my blog. But most of them have never commented here yet. So today I ask a favour from every visitor - it isn't much but if you are reading this posting, please make a short comment here, and unveil yourself. If I don't know you personally it would be nice, if you would also mention, how you found my blog. And as I said earlier: comments in German are also fine!

Now, I'm really curious...

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Workshop on Social Software

Friday, February 3. 2006

I'm currently occupied by a very promising workshop on "Social Software - Networking im Internet". I'll get you a detailed report later :-)

Edit 3:53pm: Jan puts me a little under pressure, since he already managed to get a decent article about this workshop online here. Somehow I feel like live-blogging is not my cup of tea.. But Martin Wilbers is doing a good job here. Florian Renz has also started to talk about the Workshop in his Weblog.

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Blogging with multimedia content

Friday, January 13. 2006

At the wiai.community Stammtisch Dr. Jan Schmidt presented some results of his ongoing research on weblogging. One of the results that I can’t get out of my mind is, that only some 3 percent of all bloggers are enhancing there posts with multimedia content. So I’ll make it a mission to enhance my further postings with some videos from my mobile phone. The first part of this series can be seen here. It is Jan talking about putting pictures of cats into their blogs. I hope you are able to watch the movies compressed in 3gp format. If you have trouble viewing them, try to get a new version of the Realplayer.

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