Commuting with the DB

Some of you might already know that I’ve chosen to commute to my new job in Erlangen using the railway. So this is my fourth day and I’m already kinda frustrated. Yesterday I went out of office without checking the latest schedule (it would have told me that my train of choice would arrive 20 minutes delayed), I will definitely check the schedule the next time, since I at least could have worked this 20 minutes. But then my train wouldn’t arrive at all in a timely fashion, so I had to take a slower train, which had a later initial departure time and some 25 minutes of delay. So I would have been late already 50 minutes (on a journey which takes about half the time). Last but not least my train had to wait for a delayed passing fast train to pass in Forchheim...

I could have made it to Bamberg with less delay by taking another fast train, which departed 10 minutes before the slow train – but with my current ticket I would have had to pay the full price..

Probably such a hassle once in a while is better than the usual daily traffic on the highway to Erlangen, but for the third day it’s more than annoying. Let’s hope there will be an improvement..

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  1. Supergau says:

    *You could consider using "Virgin trains" but I think they won't apeear on the Franconian highway. Haven't I told you that would happen?
    Btw: Nuremberg - Bamberg takes about 35 minutes at 19.00 CET - without "giving to much gas" but fast enough not having the urgent need to play "Need for Speed" in the evening ;-)

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Have you tried 18:00 CET? Guess, you'll get worse results. Also you need to get to Nuremberg first. Not to easy in the morning. Another problem: going by car is a lot more expensive, too.

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