Radiohead - just in time.

Click for full size imageIt was kinda catastrophe. 10km traffic jam near Nuremberg, which I could didge by driving through the city - then about 45 minutes trapped in a jam near Ingolstadt.. We compensated this loss of time by having Jan meet me not downtown Munich, but at the allianz arena. Then the usual long drive to Neuhausen - to late to listen to the Pigeon Detectives :-( but really annoying that it took us another hour to be guided to a parking space. Well, we even cheated here, since Jan found our friends camp site on our way and convinced the security that we really needed to park there. Well at least our car is most next to our tents now. Anyway. We made it into the festival grounds some 15 minutes after Radiohead's performance had started and are currently enjoying.

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  1. Supergau says:

    *no need to worry about the "pigeon detectives" --- you can catch their Glastonbury-performance on BBC Three next sunday at 20.00 CET - just after Mark Ronson.

  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *I count on you recording the show for me :-)

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