River in MelakaThe name of the city I visited last week with my friends Dirk, Voj and Georg will most likely sound familiar for you. The historic city gives name for the ocean between West Malaysia and Indonesia, which is called “Straits of Melaka”. This is originated in the founder of the city, who was some Sumatran prince founding the “Sultanat of Malacca” after converting to Islam (in 1414). In the following decades Melaka had some stirred times, with Portuguese, Dutch and British conquerors occupying the city. Read the full history on Wikipedia.

MuuuuuuuuhhhWe started in PJ at about 2pm and chose not to use the highway KL-JB, but to pass Port Dickson, in order to have a short glimpse on the F1 circuit near Sepang and the Power Station Dirk is working on. Taking the country road we also met some cows. Since we were in no hurry we arrived in Melaka at dinner time, and had some dinner at the Discovery café. Georg had an interesting drink with strawberry juice, sprite lemonade and milk, which I wouldn’t have tried, but the food was nice.

ChurchAfter the dinner we finally started searching for a hotel. But that seemed to be a problem – the first five hotels we called from the lonely planet listing were fully booked. We decided to split up and try our look separated. Georg found some guy who promised a room for four with air con for MYR 60. “Not far away”.. We had a little walk ALL Around the inner city following his motorbike (would have been only half as far if we could have crossed directly – but since this guy got there on his motorbike we had to walk around). But meanwhile Dirk and Voj found some rooms near the road were our car was parked, and we decided to stay there. Also we had no air con there MYR 25 per double room seemed to be quite fair. But you can’t expect to much of a budget hotel, so we had some noisy rooms to the road, and the bathroom was interesting. But at the night we were out to celebrate Voj’s brilliant rating of her Masters Thesis, so the hotel room was the last thing to worry about.

Jonker's WalkWe went out on Jonker’s Walk and visited the market there and had some beer on our way there. Later we ended up boozing in some comfy café, were a buck with 5 tiger beer was only MYR 35. Staying there long we also met Tobi, an American who is traveling Asia for some time. But also he already stayed in Melaka for a while he couldn’t help us to find a place to go dancing, when our café closed.. We also had quite some trouble finding a place to get some food. (Of course this wasn’t our food.) Finally in some remote area we at least got some Sati. When we arrived back at our hotel the sun was almost rising up again.

colonial architectureSo we slept until noon, and went for some sightseeing then. The food at some of the major places of the city was a little expensive, but quite good (I had a seafood salad with pineapple), and strengthened we went up to (passing the Dutch Stadthuys) to see the ruins of St. Pauls Church. From the hill we had a beautiful view of the city. Seeing this traditional colonial architecture, you wouldn’t expect to be in Malaysia.

Sailing ShipAfter a short visit to a shopping center we had a look through the city’s historic museum, which is set up in a reproduced sailing ship. The special thing about that museum is, that you have to take of your shoes entering. That results in a pretty nosy smell, and a real mess outside, since every visitor receives a plastic bag for his shoes. On our back to the car we saw some Chinese temples. At 6pm we were about to head (Georg was “left back” in Melaka, since he planned to go to Singapore the next morning) back to KL, but finding our way to the highway was our first adventure..

Cactus restaurant PDSignposting is surely none of the strength of the Malay. You can follow a sign to the highway KL-JB, and when you turn around you may discover another sign to this highway leading into the opposite direction.. After we finally managed to get onto the highway it only got worse. Since there are still school-holidays, many people wanted to get back home. Even after the two lane highway was converted into 4 lanes (using the emergency lane, and one lane from the opposite direction) there was an awful jam. We managed to leave the highway at Seremban and chose to go back passing Port Dickson once more. This gave us the chance to have some late dinner at the cactus, which was Dirk’s favorite haunt when he stayed in PD last year. We arrived back home in PJ at half past eleven.

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  1. Conny says:

    *Honey, it's "straits of melaka".

    And stop posting these beautiful pictures! Not fair! Definitely not fair!

    Hey, when's your boss leaving?


  2. Georg says:

    *@Conny: Well, I like the nice pictures as I'll get them and they'll remind me of some 2 nice days in Melaka ;-) Thaks guys, was a worthwile trip!

    That "interesting drink with strawberry juice, sprite lemonade and milk, which I wouldn’t have tried" had a quite interesting taste - definetely not bad, but it was not lasting long enough in that heat for a decision whether it's fine or ordinary...but I'm loving cendol, so I might have a non-western taste <strong>gg</strong> just as I forced you poor ones to try fresh sugar cane juice...

    Well, heading for Singapore was definitely not as easy as one might expect - around 10 hours for less that 100km is for sure too long, even for south east asia! And I was doin the fastest possible way, just like some hundrets of others as well (public holiday). But finally it worked and I'm already preparing for the next jump - to Phnom Phen.

    Greez from fine SINcity ;-) Georg

    PS: U definitely forgot to write about the history of pic IMG_3269 <strong>ggg</strong>

    PPS: What was so special about the bathroom? That they had a water bassain as well as a mechanical flushing is IMHO not unusually enough to call it 'interesting'...more photos to come here when I finish my trip :-) and until then just have a look at

  3. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Thanks for the hint with my really bad typo.. corrected it immediately.
    I got to disappoint you on that picture issue. Also i've been around in Malaysia a bit I think there are still many upcoming trips, with even greater pictures ;-)
    You are talking about my boss leaving? Who tells you that i'm not "leaving" with him? Don't exactly look through the structure changes yet, but i don't think my assignment here will change.



  4. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *10 hours from Melaka to Singapore.. what a mess. Did you try to hitchhike? I'm curious what sins you commited in .sg ;-) I'm sure you will let me know.

    I intended to wait for Dirk's comment on IMG_3269, but seems like he is to shy to write comments into my blog. So why don't you tell the story?



  5. Conny says:

    *What, one of you is staying with Aru and CBD and the other one is staying with Zaidi and SO? Hm... I wonder who he'll choose... ;-)

    @Georg: I like the pictures as well, but they remind me of 7 wonderful months I had over there and of how boring it is to be back in Negara Jerman. Maybe Jürgen and I could agree that he won't take so many pix of M'sian food...?


  6. georg says:

    *10h without attempts to hitchhike - simple bad timing and bad luck. Well, the sins were no sins in general, bun in SINs set of values ;-) so nothing too serious. And directly coming from SIN to Kambodia is a really big change - hard to stand the poorness and hygienic situation. Let's see what daylight changes...

    Well, concerning a comment on IMG_3269 - Dirk is older risen, more open, more funny, more on the loose than me, so if even he does not dare, ... ;-D

    @conny: Juergen is not really tryig malaysian food, he did not even have a cendol - within more than 5 weeks! So you'll not have to see too many food-pics ;-)

    Greez, Georg

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