Breakfast on Pluto - We are children of the revolution

Initially I was up for some useless action movie – to get some distraction. But school holidays wrecked my plans.. There wasn’t a single acceptable seat. So I decided that an alternative movie might also be a good choice. Luckily having the Lichtspiel and the Odeon there is plenty of choice for such movies in Bamberg. So it didn’t take too long to find a suitable movie for paule and me:

Breakfast on Pluto follows the exploits of Patrick "Kitten" Braden, an endearing but deceptively tough young man. Abandoned as a baby in his small Irish hometown, and aware from a very early age that he is different, Patrick survives a harsh environment with the aid of his wit and charm, plus a sweet refusal to let anyone or anything change who he is.

I like the above description also it is only a description of the movie on a meta level. The movie itself has far more facettes that could be described here. It shows a young man going HIS way. the movie illustrates this with great pictures and a lovely soundtrack.

(Jay's rating: 4,5/5)

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  1. chill at paule's

    [...]ich war gestern mit jay im kino. hätte eigentlich "fluch der karibik 2" werden sollen, also mindestens zwei tolle männer, viele piraten (und einige maritime lebensformen und viel wasser, was den spaß bissi geschmälert hätte, aber nuja, was tut ma net alles) also hätt ich den film mit "hach!"-machen verbracht.[...]


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