Running Dinner X – Expectations?

After having a really great time last semester, I’ve been waiting for this day for quite a while. Unluckily Katrin can’t join me cooking this time, so I had to find another partner to team up with. I was very lucky that my first choice immediately was really enthusiastic about the idea to take part at the running dinner. For this dinner Jürgen and me are going to prepare a nice dish. So if you are going to the Neuerbstr. 53 for dessert – be ready for some … ok I will keep it a surprise.
I’m looking forward for an entertaining evening, which will start at Zollnerstreet onehundredsumthing, continue at the beloved Pestheim (Block C), have its highlight at Jürgen’s place and will find its ending at the great party at the Il Centro.
As you can see – expectations are high!

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  1. Sabine says:

    *Der doppelte Jürgen? Na, da würd ich vielleicht mal überlegen, ob ihr Euch nicht in Lottchen umbenennen lassen wollt... ;-)

    Viel Spasseken!

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