War around exams – interim report

My cold is still lasting and I felt kinda squashy this morning. So I decided to go to a little secondary area of conflict and fight a pineapple I had bought some days before. I was prepared this time – lemon juice (thx to the lemon squeezer) and some motivation to destroy something ;-). So I took one of your biggest kitchen knifes and started to carve the pineapple. Since I gained quite some experience to deal with pineapples during my time in Malaysia, and the tool set to fight the fruit was sufficient it didn’t take too long to get it into neat little pieces. Unluckily a little bit of the fruit had already become a little too mellow, but this is no big issue, since it still tastes good. Afterwards I carefully put a few drops of lemon on it, and now I have some nice fresh dessert in my fridge.

Jay vs. pineapple: 1-0.

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