Run the writing blockade

Today was not a special day at all. But I feel like clearing my mind a little bit, so you get a list of things that I’m/I’ve been thinking about today:

  • our German colleagues from the South-East-Asia Growth Initiative are back, although everything was nicely set up for them, there were some starting problems on their new floor, like hidden socket outlet, non working printers. Still got to worry about the issue that dear Shen-Wei is freezing to death at her workplace…
  • our tea lady here at the 13th floor is really cool, she speaks English and smiles everyday
  • I recognized that Juliane only has 6 working days left, and I some 36 – still got to ask Zaidi for the leave when Lars is visiting
  • I brought some German chocolate, but completely forgot about it until now
  • my system mates and I did extremely well in Astrowars, and one of our systems is currently top-ranking!
  • I didn’t collect my laundry, which is ready at the Red Laundry. Well.. another day without trouble to chose what to wear - the last clean clothes..
  • Those Malays Burgers, I have from time to time from dinner, obviously contain ingredients, which get you addicted (I’m dying for one right now)
  • Still no word from my brother, whether he will make it to visit me here in Malaysia. I fear I already know the answer.
  • It is Thursday, so I should be out playing pool with some colleagues at Matrix right now, but somehow I feel not like socializing right now
  • I went to bed early yesterday, but I’m already tired right now.. I really should start jogging again. Actually.. If I leave now I could make it for a round around the Condo. But since I'm already completely soaked with sweat by walking home with my rucksack (which weights some 10kg - thx to my big camera and the heavy notebook), I think this is not necessary
  • Saturday I’ll be going to the Big Trance Party in PD! YEAH! Thx to Goh for asking me to join him!
  • for the first time since I set up this Blog the number of visitors seems to be shrinking - Although I posted more pictures than ever... Seems like the quality issue is really important here..


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  1. christian says:

    *Gerade zurück vom Keller ;-) und schon auf dem Weg ins Bett, ahb ich noch schnell reingeschaut. Gruß Christian

  2. Sabine says:

    *zum letzten Punkt: könnte auch einfach daran liegen, daß ein paar Leute einfach so im Urlaub sind (jedenfalls in good old Europe) und damit schlichtweg offline (das böse Wort...).

    Viele Grüße, Sabine!

  3. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *Tja.. da kannst du schon recht haben. Muss es eigentlich auch immernoch erstaunlich finden, dass sich überhautp soviele Leute interessieren :-). Hoffe deine Handwerker haben dich heute ein wenig länger schlafen lassen. Viele Grüße aus Süd-Ost.


  4. Sabine says:

    *Oh ja, durfte heute sogar bis kurz vor 9... dafür kommen sie jetzt von allen Seiten, <strong>seufz</strong>

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