10 things to recognize, that the haze is getting really bad

Since the situation is still bad I will keep you entertained with a few more thought on haze. So here is my 10 points list, that will help you noticing, that the weather is a real mess:

  • Your neighbors will no longer be panting at night but will rather be gasping for breath

  • Someone’s fart isn’t the worst thing you smell on toilet

  • You finally recognize that the foggy air isn’t a result of the Chinese ghost festival celebrations, and that KL was not yet converted to a big outside discotheque.

  • You start making money guiding tourists through the mist of KL

  • You start spending all your time in air con'ed shopping centers

  • People watching accidents would not go slow, because the want to see more what’s happening, but more because they want to see something at all

  • You no longer need to pass by the local pub to get the smell into your close to pretend that you have been there the whole evening, your wife will believe that already after you have taken the stairs down from your girlfriends apartment

  • No need to watch “War of the Worlds” anymore, people on the road actually look like aliens with their breathing masks

  • The cloud of smoke your old Proton emits starting the car won’t be recognized anymore

  • You start thinking of Bangkok as a climatic health resort


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  1. paul says:

    *Hi, stumbled on your blog through PPS. funny entry! Here's another place to bitch about the haze, at www.think.com.my/uthink.cfm...cools!

  2. Sören says:

    *By now even Spiegel Online (in German: www.spiegel.de/panorama/0,1518,369398,00.html) reports on the haze in Malaysia.

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