Penang / Georgetown

Beach in Georgetown Since Penang - the next part of our journey has sooo much to offer we intended to start early in the morning and arrive there by late noon. But we didn't manage to get up that early - and we couldn't find the high quality tea in Tana Ratah as promised. So Bianca and Christian decided to trade some of our time, to get some of that tea at the plantation... At least driving up the plantation was not as bad as expected - if you go slow enough, it is also not really dangerous. The lucky thing going up again, was that we saw some tea-pluckers this time. Although they are no longer plucked (only the leaves for the premium quality tea still get plucked manually) so Christian managed to get some pictures of the workers with their big scissors, which cut the uppermost layer of the tea plants.
Heading out of Cameron it was already noon.. so, if you are one of the lucky ones who get the chance to try the premium quality tea we bought - you now know what it took us to get it.

Mission sucess: Checked in!On our way to Penang I tried to make up some time at the road but this was not very successful, and probably no good idea at all - but that is a different story. Reaching Penang we already had advanced afternoon. I told Christian and Bianca to find a hotel or hostel to stay in Georgetown on our way in the car. With 3 different guide books on that island this shouldn't be a problem - that was at least what I thought. But why just book something relying on info giving in a book? So the first thing we did in Georgetown was to brose through about 7 different hotels to chose one...

When we finally checked into Cathay Hotel, it was almost 6 pm - so not too much time for sightseeing left. (Lessons learned: Next time minimize the degrees of freedom and pre-book a hotel - you might get some complaints but saves a lot of time!).

CemeteryThe good thing about Georgetown is that you can tour the most important sights in a very short time. We were too late for a tour of the Mansion of Cheong Fatt Tze, which is opposite of our hotel (tours are only given at 11am and 3pm) so the first target of our little tour through the city was the Christian cemetery, which contains the grave of Sir Francis Light, who did some great work in developing Penang to an important spot on the map. But that place was not very comfy, since it seems to be a favourite hideout for mosquitos. So everyone of us got his part of stitches..

Cathedral of AssumptionThen we carried on sightseeing and saw: Cathedral of the Assumption, St George’s Church, The City Hall, Fort Cornwallis and the Victoria Memorial Clocktower then we ended in some Chinese Café which offers space to study and reflect. Since we got quite hungry we had some Nasi Lemak on our way to Little India and China Town. There we visited first visited a Hindu Temple, ran into the opening ceremony of a Chinese Temple and went to see the mosque.

MosqueGeorgetown has one of the mosques in the country with the most historic value. So we had to visit this one of course. There we met some really friendly Muslims, and they were happy, to get a chance to talk to us about their faith. Catching up on a few issues raised in that talk will not fit into this travel story, but I will catch up on that some other time, for sure. But after this intensive talk I was really up for some beer. We got a bottle of tiger at the next 7-11 and enjoyed it in front of our hotel. There we could see the guests arriving for the health club at the back side of our hotel, which actually is nothing else that a brothel.. We although heard the story of our hotel boy. With our beers finished we left for our beds.

The next morning was scheduled to be quite with having some breakfast, and afterwards start heading for Lake Temenggor. Something we learned that morning is, that Lonely Planet is good, but not perfect. Bianca had a restaurant chosen for breakfast, and we were told be an Austrian, that it was already closed for 3 years(!). But he recommended another place, and we got decent breakfast there! Walking back to the hotel we admired the beautiful doors of some houses in Penang. round noon we then left for Temmenggor.


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  1. Hardi says:

    *Tja... man kann sehen dass der Jürgen das Leben in MY noch geniesst....

    Bin ziemlich neidish.....
    im vergleich zu Darmstadt, wo ich jetzt wohne... ist KL auf jeden Fall besser....


  2. Jürgen Hösch says:

    *The Pope is alive! And kicking? How are you old lad? How did you end up in Darmstadt?



  3. Hardi says:


    since my dorm didnt have any empty room again... then I needed to search.... and coincidentaly.... I found a room in darmstadt..... in an indonesian shared appartement..

    darmstadt ist ja immer noch nah zu wiesbaden... und unsere semester ticket geht ja von darmstadt bis hoch zum giessen...
    von daher... fahren dauert zwar lange.. aber kostenlos....
    Zeit habe ich, Geld nicht...

  4. no future country says:

    *It is true NEP has its good and its bad points depending on whose view you are looking at it.

    The non-bumi has been straddled with this law for a long time and I can see lots of dissatisfaction emerging from their rank. This can be seen by the ever-increasing number of emigration taking place as well as non-returning students from abroad.

    I cannot start to call them traitor, as some of the bumis here seem to imply on them. Put yourself in their shoe first and feel the full effect of the discrimination for over 30 years……….Do you think you will be happy? Anybody?

    Want to know why the so call non-bumis are all running away from Malaysia for greener pasture as bumis call traitors and rats? Know that even rats must be wise to jump ship when the ship is sinking.

    The government has been pushing the unity theme for Malaysia for a long time - The so-called Bangsa Malaysia. How do you unite people? How are you going to unite people of different races where one race enjoys more rights than other races? Unity can never happen if there is inequality.

    So, if you don't want people to comment on your special rights, then don't talk about unity in front of the non-bumis.

    The next reason why the non-bumis keep on condemning the special rights is because of the implementation of it. Does every bumi has the chance to enjoy their special rights? From what non-bumis have been seeing since the past till now, only the rich and powerful are enjoying it. The poor bumis are still poor. How many poor bumis were transformed from poverty to middle class?

    Sure, what you talk about your experience might be true if you put it in a nutshell. You cite examples of success cases and stories which is what it should be. But don't use special rights to deny a fellow deserving Malaysian of that chance too.

    If you don't trust your fellow countrymen, whom in the world are you going to put your faith into?

    The reasons have been given, countless in fact. And I believe you can also see it for yourself what kind of state Malaysia is in now. No unity, no improvement in the competitiveness in Malaysia.

    I believe no community will get stronger if it depends on protection all the time. In face of globalization, each one must pull its own weight but work as a team. Otherwise we go down together.

    Even when we were children we were taught the strength of sticking together. Ultimately, we probably won't affect policy much. But it will satisfy me to know, someone reading this, will accept my argument. If only one person reads this and is willing to change their way of thinking, then I have succeeded.

    Because they will then carry that idea to the next person.

    Like myself, I will seriously wish that my future children would not have to endure the same pain as I did. The system hasn't changed much in the past (even if they do change, the change usually isn't beneficial to non-bumis), and as I can foresee, the system won't change much in the future too.

    I know things cannot be as ideal as everyone would wish. We all are persevering. Nevertheless, when there is a better opportunity worthwhile to pursue, we will go for it.

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