Malaysia - a 3rd world developing country?

It still moves around in my mind, so I thought I’d better write it down. I can’t believe with how people can judge and argue about topics without ANY knowledge about what they are talking. That happened to me discussing in a message board of my student community In a topic about the study fees, that will be introduced in Germany I mentioned, that there is a problem with the possibilities to study in Malaysia (Of course I had in mind, that here Islamic people are preferred, and for the rest it might be almost impossible to get higher education). Immediately my discussion part took the argument of “problems” and said “since the poor Malay people have a very hard fate” and “it is a task for the western affluent society to urge our governments to act against a the unfair world economic, which puts third world countries into a persisting downward spiral”.
Malaysia a third world developing country, which needs help? How can he make such assumptions? Malaysia is an emerging country, and if people are poor here and need help – than it should be the governments task (which is immensely rich) to act against such social unfairness.  Of course I wrote an answer stating the facts immediately. And guess – no further reply.. But I still can’t understand how it is possible to argue without any consideration of facts…


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  1. georg says:

    *Ah, Jürgen, that's the usual stuff... There are soooo many countries in the world - <strong>who knows all of them in detail?</strong> Certainly noone of our age :-( if anybody does at all.

    Malaysia is just one of the litte colorful pitches somewhere "in the left lower part of the world map" and over there a lot of poor areas and terror and dictatorship and the like exists, so it (has to be) | (might be) one of those countries. And, well, here comes the 3rd world assumption... <strong>Nothing really bad, but one shall stand the reply</strong> and not just silent quit the chat. It's not that embarrassing not to know everything - IMHO at least.

    And by the way, it requires to have spent some days in a country to get an idea how it works internally - and only a few were over there, see above. <strong>In Malaysia the government has a huge funding due to oil,</strong> so they'd have enough money to allow all parts of society to study, but, well, it's an islamic country so <strong>muslims are preferred.</strong> A simple comparision to "Germany is a white country so white people are preferred" might imply the conclusion: <strong>This is a religious racist policy...which Europeans are simply not aware of.</strong> At least the malay government does - as far as I know - not kill people, just closes down some ways of individual life...still bad enough.

    Cheers, SchoSchi

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