Soccer Meme

Wednesday, July 12. 2006

I found a nice Meme about the worldcup here. So I'll just grab it, and throw it to a few of my blogger friends: paule, Simon, Sabine, Flo and Flo&Christine.

Your Best worldcup experience? Celebrating the whole night after the match between Sweden and Germany / The stay at the flat

The best match? Germany vs. Argentina - I'll never forget the penalty shooting.

You're favorite chant? Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

Most beatiful jersey? Although I like black and white, I really liked the jersey of Ecuador

Champion of the hearts? GERMANY!!!

Best beer during the worldcup? I had a lot of Bayreuther Aktienbrauerei "Zwickl" - a great beer.

Most favorite player? MIRO KLOSE - FUßBALLGOTT! - No Just kidding, my favorite is David Odonkor.

Best moment on TV? Jens Lehmann winning the match agains Argentina by killing Cambiasso's penalty

Worst moment on TV? When Italy scored the second goal during the semi-final.

Did you enjoy it? Jepp!

And now? Are you up for more soccer? Well... I will watch some matches from time to time, but not more or less than before.

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Un' Estate Italiana

Wednesday, July 5. 2006

When Germany won the worldcup in 1990 Italy was host to the games and achieved the third place. This year it can be the other way around...

Edit 09.07.06: As predicted... Italy made it.

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Hitting the road to Berlin

Tuesday, July 4. 2006

For the next days I'll be blogging most of my stuff here.

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Bye, bye Argentina

Saturday, July 1. 2006

Some of my friends wondered, how Germany would send Argentina home. It was exactly like that:

"Man hätte irgendeine Reaktion erwartet, einen Schrei oder geballte Fäuste, aber da war nichts. Keine Regung in Jens Lehmanns Augen, als der von Estéban Cambiasso geschossene Ball von den Handschuhen abklatschte.
Kein Jubel, als die Meute ekstatischer Teamkollegen auf ihn zustürmte und das Berliner Olympiastadion kurzzeitig zum größten Tollhaus der Welt geworden war. Nur der rechte Zeigefinger wippte leicht vor und zurück als äußeres Zeichen, dass der Torwart Lehmann seine Mannschaft gerade ins Halbfinale der WM gebracht hatte. Dann begruben ihn die Mitspieler unter sich. Zwanzig Meter entfernt stand Cambiasso und weinte." (Source:

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BERLIN, BERLIN, ich fahre nach BERLIN!

Wednesday, June 28. 2006

weallspeakfootball.comReaders of Jan’s Blog know that he is quite a football maniac. So it was not unexpected, that he took part in the project. Reading his latest posts it is obvious, that he had some real fun in Berlin! After reading about the weallspeakfootball-project I decided to send an application to participate – Today I received a confirmation that I’m invited to join from July 4th to July 7th. Now I'm really looking forward to some interesting and probably stimulating days in Berlin.

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Bye, Bye, Oranjes :(

Monday, June 26. 2006

Unluckily our neigbours from the Netherlands didn't make it to the next round. I followed the game listening to B5-Aktuell's radio program, and was really disappointed, the chance to have a match Germany vs. Netherlands is gone now. Have fun with this video I found on Youtube:

Researching for this post I still did not make it to get the lyrics of the Ali B.'s cover of the Oranje-Song. But you can listen to an older cover version here. You should also have a look at this Blog, which has a category to discuss worldcup songs.

Edit: I found the lyrics of André Hazes "Wij Houden van Oranje!

Samen zijn we sterk
Eendracht maakt machtig
Hoe een klein land groot kan zijn
is dat niet prachtig

Nederland oh Nederland
Jij bent de kampioen
Wij houden van Oranje
Om zijn daden en zijn doen

Straks als het Rood-Wit-Blauw
Voor ons wordt gehesen
Dan zijn wij 'n groot gezin
Met goud zijn wij geprezen

Nederland oh Nederland
Jij bent de kampioen
Wij houden van Oranje
Om zijn daden en zijn doen

Van de tribune klinkt het Wilhelmus
Nu nog mooier dan voorheen
Och wie laat geen tranen

Nederland oh Nederland
Jij bent de kampioen
Wij houden van Oranje
Om zijn daden en zijn doen

Wij houden van Oranje
't Is de ware kampioe

After some more decent research I found Ali B.'s lyrics here.

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Germany vs. Sweden - CELEBRATION!

Sunday, June 25. 2006

MarkusSince pictures tell more than a thousand words, I won't bother you with too much words about yesterday's celebration of our soccer team making it to the next round of the worldcup. Just have a look at my pictures taken downtown Bamberg here!

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Fans lost their trousers

Monday, June 19. 2006

There has been quite discussion about Goleo VI (the mascot of the soccer world cup 2006). Many people complained that it would be inappropriate for a mascot to wear no trousers. Probably this was one of the reasons why the demand for this football lion was less than expected, and its producer as hit with insolvency. Lyssa blogging for is currently seeking for a new mascot since she really dislikes Goleo VI.

But now everything gets a new dimension – some Dutch soccer fans had to loose their trousers in order to be allowed to enter the soccer match against Ivory Coast! Obviously a Dutch brewery carried out marketing, distributing trousers with there logo. The strict responsible persons of the Fifa then protected the Anheuser Busch’s right to be the only seen beer sponsor… Weird world… Luckily for our Dutch neighbors, Germany is a liberal country, and the Fans were allowed to see the game wearing only underwear. Guess some years ago the U.S. would not have allowed something similar.

I'm really happy that our neighbours made it into the competition this time (After some problems four years ago). Probably our teams will meet like '74. But as we all now: "Der Ball ist rund, das spiel hat 90 Minuten und am Ende gewinnen immer die Deutschen." (The ball is circular, the game lasts 90 minutes and in the end Germany wins.)

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