Conference pictures online

Tuesday, September 25. 2007

dnn2007I managed to sort through all of those pictures I took at the "Das Neue Netz" conference. To achieve a higher level of networking I posted all of them on Flickr, but I prefer having them sorted a little more in my very own gallery. Unluckily it seems that I took an overwhelming mass of pictures. So far only a few more pictures with the conference tag "dnn2007" appeared on Flickr.

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Workshop "The New Net"

Thursday, September 20. 2007

Starting tomorrow with a get-together at the Klosterbräu brewery, I will attend a Workshop about further developments of the internet in Bamberg. Since the workshop is about new movements in the web, of course current web technologies are used to support it. You can have a look at the workshop weblog or even use the workshop wiki. Using the conference tag "dnn2007" pictures taken can be found at Flickr, articles related to the workshop can be discovered via technorati, and also related links via

The program is very promising, and I’m looking forward to interesting discussions.

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Ignition switch broken or - fun in the sun

Wednesday, July 19. 2006

Today I was about to fetch a card for the student concert of the Bamberg Symphonic Orchestra from a friend, and was very astonished, that my car was still running after pulling the ignition key. At first I just left the car running and got the card, but even very sincere tries to use the ignition lock again were useless. So I drove to the next BMW garage and got an engineer to have a look at the ignition lock. The fast diagnosis was: ignition lock broken, replacement parts for 120€ needed (shipment will take about 3 working days, since the new lock needs to be especially encoded for the key), replacement will cost another 120€. FUN. I had even more fun walking home a good part of the way down from Hallstadt, since there was no bus running at that time. FUN IN THE SUN.

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Workshop on Social Software

Friday, February 3. 2006

I'm currently occupied by a very promising workshop on "Social Software - Networking im Internet". I'll get you a detailed report later :-)

Edit 3:53pm: Jan puts me a little under pressure, since he already managed to get a decent article about this workshop online here. Somehow I feel like live-blogging is not my cup of tea.. But Martin Wilbers is doing a good job here. Florian Renz has also started to talk about the Workshop in his Weblog.

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