Sandkerwa pictures – Part 1

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

This year’s Sandkerwa I’ve been working for to get them images of their parties. It was just a matter of hard work. While everybody is partying like hell, get over 100 people willingly in front of your lens, take a picture that suits both you and them, and then at the great finale of the party sit in the office and get the pictures sorted and online immediately afterwards. I finally put together a little report about my duty.

ThursdayFor my part it didn’t start too well on Thursday. On Wednesday I had helped out DJing, and was disappointed, when almost no one showed up at the warm-up party. Then on Thursday the party didn’t start too busy, too… But having a lot of friends around helped though the evening, and to the end the crowd was partying well enough to get some nice shots.

Friday I had learned from Thursday, and checked in pretty late on Friday, after partying with friends at other venues. So I took my pictures in a little rush – not too much time to speak to my friends, who also showed up there to take pictures. Playing around with the Night-Portrait option I got a few pretty interesting pictures.

Saturday Saturday for sure is the best visited day at the Sandkerwa. Therefore finally the heat was on at the Haas-Säle. It wasn’t too hard to get good pictures. Seems like the more drunk people get the more pleasant they are in dealing with photographers.

Sunday Sunday is one of the weaker days at the Haas-Säle, therefore a concert is hosted at this day. The Los Chicolores just drew enough people to allow a few pictures that give the impression of a good party, but in my opinion… well just not very well visited. I took the approach to take pictures like I do it on other concerts and left after the Los Chicolores were done to come back later. But later there were only a few people having cocktails at the terrace. So I ended up having only a small picture gallery for that day.

MondayOn Monday I was really happy, that I would be done afterwards. I resisted in taking too much picture of the fireworks, and afterwards had just another walk through the crowd while asking whether the people would like to have a picture taken for the homepage. Although I was already quite pissed after four days doing the same job over and over, this day’s gallery might be the best of the five mentioned above.

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German farmers association meeting

Thursday, June 28. 2007

Click for full size image
I'm currently working some sound technics at a conference of the Deutscher Bauernverband in Bamberg. It's a discussion about the globalisation of agriculture. Although a big part seems to be on European politics it's interesting so far.

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Information Systems graduates from Bamberg are very popular amongst employers

Monday, December 4. 2006

A recent article of the newspaper "Die Welt" cites a survey from early 2005, where human ressources managers where asked for there favorite Information Systems graduates - graduates from Bamberg made it to rank three here. Quite impressive! The newspaper made an interview with Prof. Ferstl about the subject, read it here.
Information systems graduates are quite popular, anyway. I've talked to a friend who works with Delloite Switzerland and she told me about here recent visit of a graduates convention in Cologne, to which she was sent in order to get some graduates for Switzerland. So if your almost done with your studies and need a contact to Deloitte Switzerland - just ask me.

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At the Bamberg real estate exhibition (IMF)

Saturday, January 28. 2006

Thx to my friend Jochen I’m currently at the Forum Bamberg and my task is to take care of different speakers who are talking about real estate topics. My main task should be to setup the video projector for each speaker and equip the speakers with a working microphone. But it appears, that the most complicated task is to remind the speakers of the time schedule, since there is no chairperson available… So most of time I’m just standing around, waiting for something to happen... Ok, luckily the second speaker did not strain his time budget, so we are back on schedule. From my point of view his topic about basement sealing will be hard to beat considering its irrelevance (for me personally of course).

Concerning multimedia blogging I have collected a shot of the opening ceremony here.

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