Fässla Brewery - Bockbier tapping

Saturday, October 28. 2006

Header picture bock My current header picture belongs to one of the cultural events which is related in Bamberg’s tradition being a beer town. In autumn before the hard winter months begin the local breweries are brewing a special strong beer. When the Bock-beer is available the breweries are having a sort of kick off event when the new beer is tapped. These events are very popular amongst both and older people and especially amongst students. Although everybody knows that it will be overcrowded (sometimes you got to be there as early as 7pm to be admitted to the event) and that you’ll have to wait ages for your beer, it is an absolute must to visit at least one of those events every season.

BockbieranstichThis year the first Bockbieranstich I made it to visit was the one of the Fässla brewery. I went there with Thomas and Fabian and of course I met a lot of other students there, too! When we arrived at 6:30pm the queue to get a beer was humongous! Luckily we met friends who were already waiting there for a while, so we managed to get our first beer within minutes! Due to the mild wheather it was fun to stand at the brewery grounds and we had a good time!

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Skiing Pictures Online

Sunday, April 9. 2006

Calanda !!!After spending most of the day in front of my notebook computer I managed to sort through all of the almost 1700 pictures of last weeks skiing holiday (878 made it online). There are a few real highlights amongst them! I also want to invite you to use the comment feature if there is some interesting information you want to add to the picture. To prevent comment spam you have to register at the image gallery (“Register” at the upper right) to use this feature. You can access the latest comments to images via “Latest Comment”.

Edit 10.04. 1pm: I also want to mention, that you'll also have to register at the image gallery to access the pictures in the original resultion of 1535x1024 pixels. Without registering you'll only have access to resized low-resolution pictures.

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Temperature Drop

Tuesday, January 24. 2006

The current temperature drop seems to be a very interesting topic to blog about. Unluckily it is a few days late because the snow has already completely vanished in Bamberg. For both Nils and Sabine the current temperature is an issue. Jan already covered the topic, with a picture when there was still snow in Bamberg.
Although I was a lot on the road today (went into the city three times), I found the temperature still bearable – probably because I did always wear cap, gloves and a warm scarf. Or because it was far colder the evening before walking home after Monday’s Schwoof.

But there is a lesson I learned today… Bier won’t get influenced by low temperatures as easy as some people think. But water does – so you’d never forget to unload a cradle of water from your car, when it is very cold outside..

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