Re-settled in in Bamberg

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

It has been a while, since I’ve been using my little scratch file, to create a new blog entry. I was too busy creating text for my diploma thesis, that I’d have enough time and muse to write extensive entries here. But I have got a few creative ideas and I plan to write them down here :-)

You might already have noticed that my blog has a new toy – I added the nifty plazer widget to my sidebar! Now you can trace my current location… Currently you will notice, that I successfully moved in at Katrin’s place at the moment. Since my friend is on holiday in South America for the next 5 weeks, I can use her apartment to spend more time in Bamberg.

After one week here, I managed to settle in here, and almost forgot about the stress of the last weeks. It’s time for an energetic restart. Gotta get my job applications going! Cross your fingers, that I’ll be successful soon.

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