Saturday, November 6. 2010

I will try to do some resturcturing here, to get at least some life back into my almost forgotten weblog. One reason to be back here is the need for a platform to present this years advent calendar to my wife. So there will be some content for her here. While I'm back here I will try to use the blog to keep a little journal about books I've read. Changes to be made for this: there will be "foreign language content". Articles about book will be in the language of the book, articles for my wife will be in German.

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Wednesday, November 21. 2007

A few weeks ago, I was in searching for an article comparing mobile phone rates, during that research I stumbled up onto a quite remarkable weblog. It is called MyDealz, and is written by a student from my neighboring town Würzburg. The blog concentrates on all kind of electronics stuff, which is available for a real bargain somewhere. It really pays off having adding the .rss into your reader. I bought my HP notebook because of a special offer I saw at that weblog.

Now this post might win me a neat TFT display, cause the blog author is currently running a campaign to promote his weblog.

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Reverse Travelblog online

Wednesday, November 7. 2007

On Mörschi's Farewell party we had an interesting idea. We know already plenty of those travel blogs, where people report from there journeys. Of course Matthias will have one of those, too. But we will be writing a weblog for him reporting all those things he is missing, while staying abroad. So far I set up the weblog on and invited some of his friends to join the blogforce there. I also wrote an introductionary post, and wrote a little post about the Farewell party. Let's see how this project develops!

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