Departure - heading for vlogeurope

Thursday, October 16. 2008

My gate at the airport Nürnberg just opened for boarding. I'll be flying to budapest via zurich today, to attend at vlogeurope this weekend.

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Vlogeurope inviting Videobloggers to participate

Wednesday, September 24. 2008

Hi everyone -

We're a little under one month out from the 4th Vlog Europe in Budapest on October 18-19, and I'm sending this note out to let you know we'd love for you to come. And if you know of anyone who would be interested in coming, please forward this mail or have them contact me for details. We'd be especially grateful if anyone has any contacts in Hungary.

This year, we've rented out the entire Loft Hostel in Budapest (, and the stay will be free for up to 18 people. We have several who have opted to stay off-site, so there are several slots available in the hostel and things can be kept quite cheap and cheerful for those who need to do so.

Instead of formal sessions this year, we've decided to have a two-day free flow "Vlog-In" in which the participants create the flow and content of the weekend moment by moment. The hostel has large common spaces including a large-screen television for screenings, making this the perfect environment for this style of meetup.

Every year has been heaps of fun, and we're always looking to grow and diversify. Drop me ( ) an e-mail if you have any questions, and consult for the latest news. We look forward to seeing you there.


I will be joining this event. But I think, there is still room for a lot of more participants. If you are interested in information about last years conference feel free to contact me.

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