Little, little buggers. M2 usability issues.

Wednesday, November 7. 2007

August this year I bought myself a pretty new phone. A S/O/N/Y P1i, not the smallest phone, but a smart one with touch screen, and loads of interesting applications. Of course I need a lot of memory in this phone, to store a map of Europe for navigation, to have pictures to show my friends, and to listen to loads of mp3s. The phone came with a 512MB Sony Memory Stick M2, surely not too much memory for all those things. And Memory Stick M2... I've got plenty of SD cards, even a spare 2GB one, but well, Sony had decided to have their own format :-( So I got myself a bigger 4GB card, probably 2GB would have done the trick, but since I had to buy a new card anyway...

I've got this beautiful docking station, which connects the phone to my PC, and the M2 card can be addressed as a drive through it. But the speed is really depressing, less than 1MB/sec. That means it would take 1-2 hours to fill the whole card!!! How can those engineers equip the beautiful phone with such a slow interface???

But of course there is a workaround, inserting the M2 into my memory card reader (of course I need that special adapter from M2 - MS Pro Duo first), I can access it with a maximum speed between 3-4MB/sec. But there is still a problem - the cards eject mechanism and the cards size! So far I have dropped the tiny card countless times and had to search for it, since it tends to disappear in disorderly environment. After one of those incidents at Vlogeurope07 even a video was created, to document the problems. Do any of those product creators think about usability?

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Quest for Heidelberg

Wednesday, September 5. 2007 is presenting Daniel, Gabeb, Raymond and myself starring in their quest for Heidelberg.

When is it for? Use an old idea. Define an area as “safe” and use it as an anchor. Humanize something free of error. Those ideas led us through Heidelberg catching footage and having fun. Hope you like my edit of our achievements!

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blogger to vlogger

Tuesday, September 4. 2007

Attending vlogeurope07 last weekend I got some new ideas about vlogging. I started right on my way back to play around in getting thoughts onto video. Here they are:

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Still at vlogeurope

Monday, September 3. 2007

Thx to Joel, who offered my to stay over at his place, I'm still in Heidelberg with the last survivors of vlogeurope. Currently I'm working to edit the raw material we shot for todays assignment to create a two minute clip here in Heidelberg. Raymond showed my from scratch how to do video editing using quicktime and so far this basic way works really well for me. Unluckily due to that video editing I didn't make it to sort through my still shots yet, but all the missing pictures will be in my gallery and on flickr pretty soon! Meanwhile enjoy the pictures which are already online!

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On assignment

Sunday, September 2. 2007

Click for full size imageThis pictures shows how we started todays assignment - no need to hurry - gather the thoughts first - and have a beer over it. Great start to do a creative project!

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Discussion on 'no comment' at vlogeurope

Saturday, September 1. 2007

Click for full size image On the picture you can see bicyclemark talking about the "no comment" foramt, which is shown on Euronews. It's videos of a newsfeed - but without any comments - up to the user to interpret it.

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Guess the city

Friday, August 31. 2007

Click for full size imageTaken from the balcony of Joel's Place at vlogeurope07 gettogether.

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VlogEurope 2007 in Heidelberg

Saturday, August 25. 2007

Next week there will be 3rd VlogEurope conference, hosted from vloggers for vloggers. It is not just a meet-up of the who is who in the European vloggers-scene, but also a conference with interesting sessions. The current session planing for Saturday is:

09:00 - 10:00 Arrive - Registration - Coffee Halle_02

10:00 - 10:30 Introduction and welcome

10:30 - 11:30 Aske Dam: Then and now - the history of personal media

11:30 - 12:30 The Perfect Software - a discussion on tools

12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break. buffet lunch.

13:30-15:00 - The Vlogs with which we Live

15:00-15:15 - Short break

15:15-16:00 - Content Transcending Cash

16:00-end - Closing, Group Planning of Vlog Europe 2008

Since the conference is hosted in Heidelberg this year, I don't have too much trouble to attend. I'll also be a given a few minutes at the "Perfect Software" session to talk about education and vlogging. I think there are a few good approaches in this area, where vlogging is already part of educational software and processes, that might be of interest for the discussion here.

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