Langkawi - revisited

Wednesday, October 5. 2005

Choosing a targets for the holidays with Lars (He is visiting me since last week Wednesday.) Was not that easy, I’ve been to Pulau Perhentian the week before, and thank god the flights to Bali where quite expensive (elsewhere we could have ended up in a resort in the immediate vicinity of the bombing, which Ben would have recommended). So it was Langkawi once again. But the Island is a decent place to have some relaxed party. So we spent most of the daytime chilling at the beach and the evening eating and having some drinks at the reggae bar – which has shifted it’s place to another location, but still offers the same selection of cheap drinks (e.g. White Russian for RM12), and the same band. There are no really special incidents to write about. You can see a selection of images here.

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Next visitor arrived!

Tuesday, September 13. 2005

With some 45 minutes delay my next visitor arrived today! I really should get a provision from the Malay state for bringing that much visitors into their country ;-). Like I already mentioned in several postings this time it is my lil bro visiting, and I’m very glad, that he made it to Malaysia!

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3 more days

Monday, July 11. 2005

Only three more days and my first visitor, who actually only visit Malaysia because I'm here, will arrive. It always sounded pretty far away "sometime in July" - but now it is only like 68 hours until I'll meet Christian and Bianca. Time seems to be running faster here in Malaysia.

Finally this weekend I managed to arrange most of the things for the journeys we will be doing in Malaysia, when they arrive here. Have a look at the planned travel itineraries! All the flights are booked, and the accomodation for the first days is secured. If you have any suggestions for accomodation (middle range with air con) in Bangkok, Perhentian, Lake Temenggor, feel free to suggest them here.

@Ben Thx. for the advice with the Agora Hotel. Seems to be quite nice :-)

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My first visitor arrived in KL!

Thursday, June 2. 2005

After arriving back in KL yesterday I managed it to collect an friend from Bamberg there. Georg, who is on a 4 weeks tour through Asia finally made it down from Bangkok to Malaysia, and met me at Bukit Bintang Monorail Station yesterday evening. (I went to Low Yat once again, to get my copy of 2nd season 24 changed into a working one - and guess - the new copies don't work either..). No Georg is probably watching PJ from the Skybridge of the Twin Towers, and I got some work to finish here. You are invited, to watch some of the pictures of his trip here. Going to Singapore I wrote a few Blog entries, but unfortunately I forgot my PDA with those content at home.. So I'll post them the next days..

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