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Tuesday, May 6. 2008

The Grützekraftwerk is right - BBC has the some of the greatest content in the world. Watch this about facebook:


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Sunday, May 4. 2008

Why this topic? Don't know probably, because of "Lola rennt", which I should probably watch again sometime - Since that "80 Minutes" movie by Thomas Jahn didn't turn out too entertaining. Or because the attached video reminds me of that "Lola"-advertisement. Guess you know what I mean. Anyway. Enjoy the Ewok Gospel.

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Holding out for a hero

Thursday, December 20. 2007

This is a hell of a cover song!

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One, for the road

Sunday, November 18. 2007

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Little, little buggers. M2 usability issues.

Wednesday, November 7. 2007

August this year I bought myself a pretty new phone. A S/O/N/Y P1i, not the smallest phone, but a smart one with touch screen, and loads of interesting applications. Of course I need a lot of memory in this phone, to store a map of Europe for navigation, to have pictures to show my friends, and to listen to loads of mp3s. The phone came with a 512MB Sony Memory Stick M2, surely not too much memory for all those things. And Memory Stick M2... I've got plenty of SD cards, even a spare 2GB one, but well, Sony had decided to have their own format :-( So I got myself a bigger 4GB card, probably 2GB would have done the trick, but since I had to buy a new card anyway...

I've got this beautiful docking station, which connects the phone to my PC, and the M2 card can be addressed as a drive through it. But the speed is really depressing, less than 1MB/sec. That means it would take 1-2 hours to fill the whole card!!! How can those engineers equip the beautiful phone with such a slow interface???

But of course there is a workaround, inserting the M2 into my memory card reader (of course I need that special adapter from M2 - MS Pro Duo first), I can access it with a maximum speed between 3-4MB/sec. But there is still a problem - the cards eject mechanism and the cards size! So far I have dropped the tiny card countless times and had to search for it, since it tends to disappear in disorderly environment. After one of those incidents at Vlogeurope07 even a video was created, to document the problems. Do any of those product creators think about usability?

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Jürgen Bauer - Problems under Flatmates

Tuesday, September 18. 2007

One of the most fascinating pieces of Fan-Art I’ve stumbled on during the last year. His name is Jürgen – Jürgen Bauer and he has to solve a lot of problems that arouse with his flatmates. Starting from sanitary problems up to not cleaned Kindermilchschnittepapierle. It’s a parody to 24 where Jack becomes Jürgen – the Swabian head of an apartment sharing community. Unluckily 20th century Fox keeps on deleting the clips from Youtube, but you should not miss the yet available four parts! Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

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Globalisation is good – Johan Norberg’s approach to globalization

Friday, September 14. 2007

Today I stumbled up on a video documentary on globalization by the Swedish journalist and writer Johan Norberg, who takes up a position against the condemnation of globalisation. He shows examples how government protectionism influences the development of economy and wealth.

I titled this post an “approach”, because of course you can address the issue of globalization from many directions, and of course there are always scenarios where workers are exploited, and the only gainers are the multinational concerns, who are then protecting their economy etc… But I think like the Sunday Telegraph commented on that documentary:

“This is timely and thought-provoking stuff, and should be compulsory viewing for anyone who ever boycotted a brand."

Thx to the courtesy of Channel 4, the video is available on google-video. Watch it online, or download it for your Ipod!

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The green man

Monday, February 19. 2007

Those who believe there is no big comedy created in Germany should have a more decent look into our every living rooms! The attached video was created on a neat private birthday party. Have fun watching:

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