Preferred cup

Thursday, April 20. 2006

Things out of my household: This amazing series will show you some of the items that accompany during my every day live, and you will get the background story about those items. Today I proudly present you my most favoured cup. It is a souvenir from a trip to Finnland, so the inscription on it is in Finnish, of course! “Mitä pahaa olen tehnyt kun minulla on TÄLLAINEN TYÖPAIKKA”. The reader who gets me the right translation for this sentence is invited for a chocolate cappuccino out of this cup at my place (depending on the time of day, he may also chose to have a beer).

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Hot chocolate – another Food wars episode

Friday, April 14. 2006

It’s a phenomenon, which somehow occurs every skiing holiday – I get up latest, and I’m first at the car. I don’t know what all of my friends are doing with there time from getting up an hour or even longer before departure for the piste. I although don’t have the fairest idea how it is possible to get up that early and then being late for the departure.

Well... Actually it’s is quite clear.. I skipped the breakfast and the socialising at the breakfast table almost every day. But what is the point in being told how poor you are looking at half past nine in the morning? So I don’t miss that socializing to much. (This holiday I wasn’t up for too much socializing at all. I’ve got to say a big sorry to my travel colleagues here. I can be far more entertaining without personal issues on my mind.)

Anyway. Although Tini gave me a kind hint, how to get hot milk in the morning, I did not make it to get a hot chocolate at one single morning. Chocolate vs. Jay 1:0. But then I decided to buy some Ovomaltine, which is not quite chocolate, but quite similar (It’s made of malt ;-)). So I own a supply of 1kg of Ovomaltine now, this fact at least got the score to a draw: 1:1. And imagine – yesterday I even managed to drink a cup of hot Ovomaltine. Jay vs Milk drinks: 2:1.

@Robert: After Christian and my MMS you were concerned, that we wouldn’t drink anything decent in .ch. You are invited to stop by for a cup of Ovomaltine at my place.

@Berit: Since you were so concerned, whether I would get my chocolate or not, you are invited, too.

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Nightly TV

Thursday, March 23. 2006

I’m sure if our country will not die out due to the luck of people who manage it to have a family and children, this will happen because of stultification.
I more or less took the last two days off, to have a little “holiday” – no obligations to take care of, nothing specific to do… just some internet surfing, enjoy a few podcasts and of course some TV. Since I don’t own a own TV, I have to take advantage of occasions when I can watch TV. So I was watching music videos for almost the entire afternoon. And in the evening some detective stories on TV caught my attention. Then I got a piece of advice for a movie involving the US-Army just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. So time passed by pretty fast and I ended up watching the “Zeitspiegel”. This is quite an interesting magazine program of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. But after this quite sophisticated program I was really struck, about the offerings of the private TV channels… Two channels were offering some astrology programs, one was advertising a stupid sms-chat about shallow sex-topics, and a last one broadcasted a really stupid quiz-voting program. Is this the future of our independent TV? No wonder that barely no one in our society cares about topics like globalisation, if they are trying to figure out how to put jumbled letters into the right order..

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Final spurt

Thursday, March 16. 2006

Four days to finish this ****-paper.. argl.. But it reminds me to some interesting songs:

Diebels – Ein schöner Tag (19??)
Vengaboys - 48 hours (2000)
Die Ärzte – 3-Tage-Bart (1996)
Counting Crows – Four days (1999)
Patrick Nou – Five days (2003)
Intermission ft. Lori Glori – Six days (1993)
Sportfreunde Stiller - 7 Tage – 7 Nächte (2002)
The Beatles – Eight days a week (1964)

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Sunday lunch - Food wars continued.

Sunday, March 12. 2006

I don’t know yet how to score my last episode of the fruit wars, well actually it was not a fruit but rather a food war. On Friday I decided to stay in Bamberg for this Sunday (usually I’m at least visiting my parents for lunch on Sunday). So I got to get myself some adequate food for a Sunday’s lunch (traditionally Franconian the Lunch on Sunday is the best meal for the whole week with dumplings and a Sunday roast). Unluckily I didn’t feel like going out to shop for this occasion during the last days, when I was taking care of my cold. Due to my last stocking up of the fridge, there is plenty of food – but nothing adequate for a Sunday’s lunch. So I decided to trade the duck roast which I might have gotten prepared by my mum against a YumYum duck soup. The duck soup was quite good, with this neat Asian duck taste, but it couldn’t reach my expectations for a Sunday’s lunch. (Guess I also couldn’t fulfil my duty of dealing with the consequences of the uprising bird-flu…):

Jay’s expectation vs. fridge contents: 0-1

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Fruit wars continued - Jay vs. pineapple – Part 2

Sunday, March 12. 2006

Since I felt like eating most of the pineapple in one go, I feel a little stomach pain now. Should I consider this as “The revenge of the pineapple”? Guess when this is all over I'll write my "fruit war memoires"...

Got to update the score: Jay vs. pineapple: 1-1

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War around exams – interim report

Saturday, March 11. 2006

My cold is still lasting and I felt kinda squashy this morning. So I decided to go to a little secondary area of conflict and fight a pineapple I had bought some days before. I was prepared this time – lemon juice (thx to the lemon squeezer) and some motivation to destroy something ;-). So I took one of your biggest kitchen knifes and started to carve the pineapple. Since I gained quite some experience to deal with pineapples during my time in Malaysia, and the tool set to fight the fruit was sufficient it didn’t take too long to get it into neat little pieces. Unluckily a little bit of the fruit had already become a little too mellow, but this is no big issue, since it still tastes good. Afterwards I carefully put a few drops of lemon on it, and now I have some nice fresh dessert in my fridge.

Jay vs. pineapple: 1-0.

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Lemon Squeezer reloaded

Friday, March 10. 2006

New lemon squeezerSo.. yesterday I lost that war against a terrible cold. My poor little lemon squeezer becoming a victim of war..but it is good to have friends.. Paule was so nice to visit me today and help me to increase my war material again. She supplied me with a brand new squeezer, which even look a lot more stout than my old one. Thank you! Now I'll fight back this silly cold!

Edit: Later yesterday I used that new squeezer succesfully to get squeez out 3 lemons:

--> Jay vs. lemon: 3-1

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