Tweaked blog layout

Saturday, September 8. 2007

The partitioning of the columns in my blog has been bugging me over the last few months. I had two almost same sized columns to hold my widgets, but the widgets required different amounts of space. The tag cloud had to little space, resulting in two many line breaks, while the blogroll or the random image had a lot of free space next to themselves. As a way out of this dilemma I changed the width of these columns and moved the widgets.

Also Chrisi was so nice to update my s9y-script to the newest version. This should improve the trackback/pingback abilities.

What do you think about the positioning of those widgets? Any comments?

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Blogroll updated

Monday, July 23. 2007

My last big update on my blogroll was almost a year ago. Within such a timespan a lot of stuff happens inside the blogosphere. So I had to remove quite a few Blogs since they are no longer active. Changes I noticed:

To compensate the losses I've added some new blogs, that appeared on my radar. Have a look at Citysitting and Michl's Blog - I found them worthy to be listed.

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Updated Blogroll and Links

Monday, August 21. 2006

Answering the questionnaire of Jan’s last survey I realized, that I update my Blogroll only once in a while.. and that it would really need a little redo. So I took the chance today to update and reorganize it a little bit.
I’ve also updated my links: exchanged the big vlogger-con logo for a small one Vlogger con logo and added one for Logo. The positioning of the navigation was also fixed (Don’t have a clue why I didn’t do this earlier). And I’m additionally tracking the page traffic with Google Analytics (now I might very well remove the Google-Adsense from my right column since those ads where added in order to track the traffic, too.).

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