Kerwa Kerwa Kerwa

Sunday, September 7. 2008

MacLoud on stageYesterday I visited our local festival: the Zeltkerwa in Truppach. The Rock-Cover-Band MacLoud was on stage and I really had some fun there. As result I generated some media coverage of this event. Have a look at my image gallery here, or watch these two YouTube-Videos. There is also a German review at the, and I didn't miss the chance to write about the event on Qype.

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Zeltkerwa in Truppach

Friday, September 1. 2006

Pictures Zeltkerwa Truppach KrenfleischSeems like I don’t get a chance to rest from local festivals… This week my home village celebrates its Kerwa – and the festival area is just some 300 meters away from my parent’s house. So I can listen to the “music” of Audio-1 through the closed window… I even had to work yesterday selling food yesterday – and of course I managed to take some pictures there – I also wrote a short post on I’ll go for a short photo session again later – but the music might keep me from spending too much time there.

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Monday, August 7. 2006

Yesterday I met Andreas Lang in order to hand over the new home page for Having a meeting for over an hour, we discussed the possibilities and features of Serendipity, and I showed him how to work with a few features. But since S9Y is rather self explanatory there were no bigger problems to discuss. Today I noticed that Andreas did already create new users (one of them has already posted an article), and “took” over the page. Great! It will be very interesting for me to see how this project will work out :-)

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Friday, July 28. 2006

It seems that I have a good sense for getting me into extra work… A few years ago I registered the domain because I thought it would be a good way to promote this festival which takes place every first weekend in September in our small village. At that time my brother was treasurer of the society organizing this event. But since I wasn’t even a member of this society I didn’t give too much about caring for their web page (especially since I’m paying for it, and no one ever thanked my for that..). While my brother was active member he had his friend organizing the homepage, and it was ok. But later when he left, there was barely someone left with enough skills to care about the home page within that society.

When there was a problem of accessing the web space they cam back to me about two month ago – everything was fine with the web access – but I realized that editing static web pages with MS Forntpage was not a good solution for them. So I proposed to use a CMS… Well.. That was the point when I got back into that. I searched for a free CMS-Provider which would suit the requirements for an homepage relaunch. With switching there serendipity hosting service to version 1.1-alpha7 and supporting Spartacus I found this Provider. So I opened that new blog yesterday, and now I’m hoping that I can convince the responsible persons to abandon the old web pages and to let me switch the domain to the new blog! (And of course, to get them using it.)

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1000 little buggers

Saturday, July 15. 2006

bales of hayWell, roughly 1000. My mum expected about 500-600 bales of hay on our two remote meadows. Now there turned out to be roughly 1000 of them. It seems that some rain during the last weeks caused the gras to grow just a little more than usual. Anyway. I’m right now live-blogging from the meadow in fornt of our house and barn, and about half of the hay made it already up into the barn. Yeah!. That means there are only about 6 tons of hay left to get up there. At the end of the day I’ll definitely know what I have down – lifted about twelve tons of hay.

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"It’s only hay, hey hey!"

Tuesday, July 4. 2006

Hay harvestingThis part of Lee Major's great lyrics where my motto for last Sunday. I couldn’t join my friends for a canoe-trip down the Wiesent. Since it is haymaking season and I had to help my parents at home handling bales of hay. Spending the afternoon outside carrying, throwing or handling these nice bales I was reminded to my childhood. Memories jumping down the hayloft into a huge haystack, or driving down our little hill with a chuck wagon ran through my mind.

IgelSpending the whole afternoon outside, I managed to generate some cat-content. Since this content is getting more and more popular. I’m proud to present you some pictures of our cats here.

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Sports – Part 2 – Jogging Truppach

Saturday, April 15. 2006

During the last two days the bad rainy weather kept me from keeping up with my sport activities. But today it finally was good enough to carry on. So I had no choice but to carry on here in Truppach. But staying here I’m at the comfy situation to put on my black ski underwear against the cold weather. Guess I was a rather interesting picture for the neighbours dressed completely in black and grey.

Easter Well in TruppachI decided to jog to Plankenfels – one of the neighbouring villages, which is roughly 3km away. I took the way over the old road (which runs along a little hill) on the way there, and on the way back I took the country lane along the meadow. It took my 51minutes for the distance, and I had to take several short breaks again. I also was cautious because of the risk of blisters. Guess I’ll need a few more short runs, to train my feet to more resistance against those.

Questions raised:

  • Why is it so interesting to see someone jogging in a rural area?
  • Am I really unrecognizable in my grey and black outfit (incl. baseball cap)?

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