Monday, February 12. 2007

Strike! Success! I managed to hand in my thesis a few minutes ago!

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Done with printing

Sunday, February 11. 2007

My thesis is printed and ready to be bound, and then handed in tomorrow morning.

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40 day – 40 pages

Monday, August 7. 2006

This will be my project until the 15th of September. In order to really enjoy the holidays with my parents I have set my goal to finish the first chapters of my thesis until the middle of September. It’s an ambitious goal – especially regarding my productivity during the last weeks – but it is possible! So don’t wonder when I’m missing at some parties during the next weeks… I’ll keep you updated on my thesis by posting my latest results using the category “on subject”.

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Social Software – didactical potential and applications

Friday, August 4. 2006

It is done – the above topic is the final title for my thesis which will accompany me during the next months. It is a very broad title and includes two possible plots for my thesis. The first includes an interview of users of the Virtual Campus Bamberg (a moodle-powered e-learning platform used by our university). The second is a backup plan in case that there are problems carrying out the questioning, and will focus onto modelling of learning processes and how this processes are supported by social software.

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The penny has dropped

Friday, July 28. 2006

It was the typical problem if there is too much freedom of choice – you can search until the end of time to find the perfect thing… It is very illusory to find something perfect. But if it is about a research topic you are going to spend your time for four month it should be at least near perfect. In fact I don’t know whether I found something near perfect – but it is something I can very well live with.

I want to discuss the question: “How can innovations of social software improve e-learning platforms?” If you are interested, have a look at the first version of my expose (right now only in German). Now I got to convince my coach and my professor that this is a topic worthwhile an academic discussion. So cross your fingers!

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