Assessment for the chair of Information Systems especially Information Systems at the service industry

Friday, February 24. 2006

One time more I will try my luck with real time blogging. I’m currently at a assement for a chair at the university. Since there is still no wireless LAN at our poor university the publication will also be delayed a little…

The first lecturer is Dr. Weitzel whom was already given a job as a temporary lecturer at the chair he is currently applying for. His topic is the worth of IT for companies - business alignment for financial business processes. His research institute has conducted a research project about this problem in the banking sector. The empirical research that was carried out seems to be quite decent, and although I'm a little distracted by my start into the day, I find it interesting to follow Dr. Weitzels lecture. He is talking structured and smoothly, and the contents are note too dense.

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Special remark: Quite nice to see his worn out beige bag lying at the desk next to Prof. Sinz; President Ruppert visited his lecture

After a short break the session is continued with Dr. Robra-Bissantz. From the start of the talk it is quite difficult to follow her expositions about e-business as a challenge for the service industry, since her voice sounds somehow slightly over modulated. But this can also be caused by her obvious nervousness. She does not seem to reach any of the sovereignty of Dr. Weitzel. Overall imo her lecture was not that bad at all, but it was lacking some essential structure. Guess she had at least chance to practice the situation in front of an assessment commission.

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Special remark: She was wearing black boots with heals and had a run in her tights.

Having had lunch break and talking to a few friends I can already see a tendency... Dr. Weitzel's sovereignty will most probably not be beaten by anyone. So it is interesting to see, what Dr. Jung can do about this in his turn to introduce his skills. He is talking about asset-liability management and does a quite a good job. His lecture is structured, and he is speaking with sovereignty. But his contents seem quite shallow at the moment. Screening through the rows some members of the committee share this view - I can see bored faces... Since Dr. Jung is talking about software architectures for data warehouse systems I'm really interested to hear the questions of our university software architects... And indeed our data-warehouse master is questioning the whole design of the research..
Seeing the sketch of Dr Jung's plans for his lectures in Bamberg it appears like he doesn't have to much concrete plans for his lectures…

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Special remark: Jung is working as lecturer in Bern, and he already like a Berner – quite conservative with his moustache.


After a last short break with Dr. Rothlauf we are hearing a talk about algorithms for flight planning. Since Dr. Rothlauf is a studied engineer, it might become a rather technical talk. His description how to run a flight-planning system on evolutionary algorithms was quite plausible, and he appeared really self-confident.

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Special remark: Mentioned on several times, that he was so happy to be in Bamberg, since he was born here.

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Thursday, January 12. 2006

Jan Yesterday I finally had the pleasure to attend a talk of my friend Jan Schmidt. He was reporting on "social software and the practice and consequences of online based networking". The talk was a real premiere, since Jan was the first speaker at the Stammtisch who is not a member of the the faculty of information systems and applied computer science. It didn't take Jan too long to grip the audience with his exciting talk. So it was one of the longest talks we ever had, but the intensive discussion afterwards showed, that this was no problem. I think everybody got a good overview on Jan's current research issues and I found a lot of interesting issues from inside the blogosphere:

Almost forgot to tell you that the pictures I took at this event are already online here.

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