Super Sommer!

Sunday, July 30. 2006

Some Song lyrics strike through their simplicity – and often less is more. Listening to German songs this wisdom accompanied me through the last years. Songs just don’t have to tell complicated stories – sometimes they just have to transmit a certain feeling… One of this outstanding songs was “Juli – Die Perfekte Welle”, listening to this song I really a feeling like just getting the wave right and being able to go for the next goals.

This summer I found a similar song from the Austrian Duo Luttenberger/Klug. This song is a good example that you don’t need excessive casting projects to get young people together creating decent music. Sometimes this happens by coincidence. According to an interview the parents of Michelle Luttenberger und Chrissi Klug know each other for quite a long time, and so the two girls got to know each other and their passion for music – what a sweet story..

Anyway, the song “Super Sommer” transmits a relaxed optimistic feeling but also talks about a commitment – although it is just a loose commitment. The main lyrics translate “I want to spend this great summer with you”. I really like this optimistic attitude!

Can this song compete being a summer hit 2006? It’s probably nothing but a shallow pop song.. But maybe it’s more. What do you think?

Have a look at the attached lyrics, watch the video or listen to the song at the girls myspace site.

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