Shanadoo - King Kong

Wednesday, January 17. 2007

I really have to admit, that the song this post is about is... well the German expression would be "grenzwertig", which means something like "near limits". It is a cover of the original eurodance song by E-Rotic, which where well known through their very meaningful songs like "Max don't have Sex with your ex" or the follow up "Fred come to bed". Anyway E-Rotic was successful in Japan, too and that might be the reason why the German producer of the Japaneese girls of Shanadoo chose to create a remake of this song.

The song was part of the usual warm-up program at my spine training course. Listening to this song we had to do fast movements with stretched arms. The last lesson of that course did take place last week and I begin to miss it. Guess that's why I searched for that video ;-)

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Wednesday Night – I feel the air is getting hot

Thursday, October 26. 2006

Yesterday I got so reminded to my youth! Only Whigfield’s tune “Saturday Night” was missing to reproduce the mood of my first dancing course.. I’m learning dancing once more! When Katrin asked me, whether I would take that course with her it didn’t take me long to decide – I really need an update for my rusty dancing knowledge – and who could resist the offer of sweet Katrin?

So for the next Wednesdays the basics of all kind of standard dances will become our best friends. Yesterday worked quite well for me – and we had a lot of fun. But who knows whether my lead will be sufficient if the figures get more complicated than just the basic steps… I’ll keep you updated!

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Sports reloaded - training for the spine

Thursday, October 26. 2006

This semester I’m having professional help to spice up my sportive live! I’m taking a course translated “preventive training for the back”! Yesterday was the first lesson I could attend, and I got really delighted. There were no boring exercises but an always smiling coach and some other thirty (!) students (the majority of them female) and a lot of general fitness exercises. It started like a classical sports lesson in school – warming up by running through the gym and making fancy moves with your limbs. Later we had exercises for the general fitness and especially for the stomach and back muscles- first while standing, later sitting. I couldn’t believe how fast the 60 minutes passed. Now I wonder why I didn’t take such an course earlier in my student life – it felt so rejuvenating!

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Sports - Part 8 - Human Soccer Cup

Saturday, June 17. 2006

The Winning TeamIn 2004 had organized the first human soccer cup at the university. Obvious that such a tournament would be a good idea to support the World championship opening party. Unluckily only very few students agreed on this idea. So there were only four teams competing with each other. One was a team from, another one was the champion of 2004 – my soccer team of the Uni-Cup - Partysan Bamberg 03. In 2004 I think I had the chance to play one or two games for the Team. This year I was playing for Partysan Bamberg! Without losing a single game we defended our title and won some 30 litres of beer!

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Sports - Part 7 - Partysan vs. Spielerfrauen

Monday, June 12. 2006

Partysan Bamberg 03 team PhotoIt was the only game were I was set to play in the starting eleven and I was lucky that I made it to the game in time. The meeting of the assessment committee for the chair of logistics had taken longer than expected, and I hit the field 15 minutes before kick-off. That was barely enough time to take a team photo and to warm up a little bit. It was really cold and so it was good for me that I was playing almost the full sixty minutes. Immediately after the game I had the impression that I could freeze to death.

Party at the fieldDuring the game it was clear that our team was more than a match for the girls we were playing against. So we took it really easy. Our line-up was mirrored: the goal keeper was playing forwards, and it was up to our team captain to keep a clean sheet. Somehow I had the imagination that our defence didn’t make that job too easy for him… Well, no details here. We ended the game 9:5 or something like that and I think everyone was happy afterwards. We ended the evening having a barbecue, and later celebrating our win in our group at the Live-Club.

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Sports – Part 6 – Soccer Training

Monday, May 15. 2006

On Friday I finally made it to our Partysan 03 Bamberg soccer training! Unluckily most of our crew were already heading for the weekend, so it was just four of us: Markus, Christian, Martin and me. We decided to play two on two on a tiny field. So we had plenty of chances to train one-one-one situations, and to train short sprints. After an our of playing I was really worn. But I learned a few things to improve my non-existing skills ;-)

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Bierkeller #3 – Reundorf

Monday, May 8. 2006

On Friday was my third visit to a beer garden this year. We finally managed to organize a little trip, in order to “earn” our beer. So we met at the city and started for the beer garden by bike. Markus, Julia, Nadine, Annika, Jürgen, Soli, and me took the distance by bicycle and Soli’s friend Leni joined us later by car..

MeadowOn our way to Reundorf we first crossed the Hain, had to drive up a little hill after leaving Bamberg Bug, and later entered the beautiful meadows before Reundorf. But of course we took the chance to stop here and there in order to have a break. At a little stop at the meadows, my friends got entertained by me crawling on the ground to get a few nice shots. But I think my new header picture was worth my efforts.

SchmausenkellerThe beer garden in Reundorf is called "Schmausenkeller" and it is a real beauty. It is situated on the shadow edge of a forrest up a little hill. We got us a table, in the sun and went for some Radler (which is 50/50 beer/lemonade). With 1,5€ for half a liter it is one of the cheapest beer gardens around Bamberg.

The food was also quite good, and it is even possible to get coffee and cake at the beer garden. We had a lot of fun sitting in the sun talking and far too soon it was time to start back home...

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Sports – Part 5 – Swimming

Thursday, May 4. 2006

I was quite unsuccessful the last week in doing sports.. but since the Uni-Cup football tournament started this week I’m now really forced to be more active. Yesterday Soli asked my to join her swimming at the Hallenbad, and I thought this would be a good idea, because today and on Friday I will get plenty of chance to run due to my obligations with Partysan 03. So my goal was not only to have some fun at the indoor pool, but also to do a few more lanes for my fitness. Unluckily this plan was crossed by the fact that after some 20 lanes and 45 minutes at the pool, I got problems with one of my eyes. It feels like an old injury I had there is still bothering me.. Will try to see an eye specialist soon…

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