Adventskalender - 5 - Weihnachtsstimmung

Sunday, December 5. 2010

Zack - schon ist der zweite Advent. Falls du noch nicht völlig in Weihnachtsstimmung bist, und eventuell die tolle CD, die ich dir im letzten Jahr zusammengestellt habe immer noch verschollen ist, bringt dir dein Elch heute eine weitere Sammlung von weihnachtlichen Liedern. Ich glaub er hat sie auf der Dropbox abgeladen :-)

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Advent calendar - 7 - Happy X-Mas songs

Monday, December 7. 2009

Today I bring you a collection of my favorite Christmas songs (The CD is hidden on the whiteboard behind little Jay). Songlist and Youtube links (if available) after the break.

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Gaps in your song database?

Sunday, April 13. 2008

Guess you know that problem, you are searching for a certain song, but it just won't show up in your song database. You are too lazy to fire up Napster, or Napster doesn't lost the song at all. Or you are on the road, and you don't have access to your library at all. Under those circumstances Seeqpod might be of use for you. It is a slim music crawler, which searches all kind of different ressources of the Web for songs. It even works with the Iphone or the Ipod-Touch.

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The seasons in songs

Monday, November 6. 2006

Again a song related blog posting calling my readers to contribute some of their knowledge! Do you know more songs dealing with our seasons? This is what I got so far:

Christina Stürmer – 4 Jahreszeiten
Hund am Strand - Frühling
Sportfreunde Stiller – Frühling
RMB – The Spring
Tori Amos – Spring Haze

Aerosmith - Girls Of Summer
Africanism All Star - Summer Moon
Bananafishbones - 1. FC Sommer
Bananarama/Ace of Base – Cruel Summer
Bill Halley - In the summer time
Bryan Adams – Summer of 69
Crème 21 - Wann wird’s mal wieder richtig Sommer
David Tabare - Summer Love
Dieter Thomas Kuhn – Es war Sommer
Don Henley/ The Ataris - The Boys of Summer
Edward Reekers – So schmeckt der Sommer
Joe Cocker – Summer in the city
Kate Yanai - Summer Dreaming
Klubbingman - Magic Summer Night
Luttenberger-Klug - Super Sommer
Miami Sound Machine - Hot Summer Nights
Moby – Summer
Nature One Inc - Summer sound system
Pearl - Summer Holiday
Placebo - English Summer Rain
Playahitty – The Summer is Magic
Pohlmann - Wenn jetzt Sommer wär
Scooter - Endless Summer
Sebastian Haemer - Sommer unseres Lebens
Texas – Summer son
The Corrs - Summer Sunshine
The Underdog Project - Summer jam 2003
Verba - Summer Patrol
Virginia Jetzt – Ein ganzer Sommer

No Angels – Autumn Breeze
Era & Oliver Shanti – Autumn in Beijing
Pet Shop Boys – The Samurai in Autumn

Caesars – Winter Song
The Bangles/ Simon and Garfunkel – Hazy Shade of Winter
Amorphis – Black Winter day
Sting – The Hounds of Winter
Dean Martin – Winter Wonderland
Dune – Winter kills

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