Mad, mad youth.

Tuesday, August 22. 2006

Today a friend of mine drew my attention to a website almost glorifying the vandalism of a car at the summer breeze festival. A person was drunken driving at the festival grounds and almost injures other participants running over a few tents, after having a discussion with those people he leaves his car open and unattended. Within the next day this story spreads around the festival ground and somehow almost everybody seems to know this person and has had problems with him. Then the car of this person becomes target of the arising aggression… So the abandoned car gets demolished by a mob of festival participants. Obviously no one at the festival site was sober enough to prevent this. At the the Wacken-message board a discussion amongst regular festival visitors about right or wrong of this action was initiated.

This discussion and the whole website might be quite interesting for our sociologists around. Some of the “offenders” reveal there identity and are even showing off that they were part of the events.

I would have expected a little more civil courage of people at the festival – in my opinion there is no justification to take the law into one’s own hands.

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Horizons2020 – A thought provoking look at the future

Tuesday, April 4. 2006

Often big companies are trying to see a little bit of the future, to enhance their capabilities to deal with possible changes. Siemens tried to do this lately by asking tns infratest to do a study how our life could look like in 2020. The study is available in both English and German. There are two possible Horizons covered in that study. The first one “Equality, Freedom, Modesty” has a rather strong government, and the economy and society is highly regulated in Europe. The second Horizon shows a less regulated picture of the future “Energy, Networking, Risk”. If you are up for some visions go for this study and get a little thinking.

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Nightly TV

Thursday, March 23. 2006

I’m sure if our country will not die out due to the luck of people who manage it to have a family and children, this will happen because of stultification.
I more or less took the last two days off, to have a little “holiday” – no obligations to take care of, nothing specific to do… just some internet surfing, enjoy a few podcasts and of course some TV. Since I don’t own a own TV, I have to take advantage of occasions when I can watch TV. So I was watching music videos for almost the entire afternoon. And in the evening some detective stories on TV caught my attention. Then I got a piece of advice for a movie involving the US-Army just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. So time passed by pretty fast and I ended up watching the “Zeitspiegel”. This is quite an interesting magazine program of the Bayerischer Rundfunk. But after this quite sophisticated program I was really struck, about the offerings of the private TV channels… Two channels were offering some astrology programs, one was advertising a stupid sms-chat about shallow sex-topics, and a last one broadcasted a really stupid quiz-voting program. Is this the future of our independent TV? No wonder that barely no one in our society cares about topics like globalisation, if they are trying to figure out how to put jumbled letters into the right order..

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