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Friday, December 4. 2009

I have super-tuned our satellite receiver to watch today's Bundesliga top-game FC Bayern München vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach today with you! Let's hope for an interesting match!

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This is the story of how I became a soccer scout in Malaysia

Thursday, March 19. 2009

Actually the topic is kind of crap, since I don't have a clue how gossip moved through Malaysia and transformed me into a football scout. But it probably all started with one kid, which called me in the middle of the night in the summer last year. I had trouble understanding his English, and agreed to talk back at a more reasonable time. A second call followed two days later in the early evening, but somehow our English didn't match that well, and all I could get was, that this kid seeked my help in some way. My natural response was to tell him to lay out his problems in a way I could understand his problems. Said and done - two weeks later I got mail, he layed out, that he was a very talented boy and seeked a chance to play football in Europe. I didn't have a clue how to react. Send him the addresses of local team? Ask him for more info? How did he think I in the world could help?
So at first I didn't react at all - I then got SMS of whether I was angry with him - I replied no, but that I didn't have a clue of how I could help him. But guess at this point I was not able to make clear, that I was no soccer scout - how could I make that clear without even knowing that I was supposed to be one. It took a few more weeks for me to realize my role, then I got frequent calls in the middle of the night, from people requesting me to scout them. At this point I stopped reacting to callers without proper caller-id, and set my phone to silent mode for those.

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Euro2008 - Final - Crossing the fingers for our team!

Sunday, June 29. 2008

Well, this year it took me until today to finally utter a word about the Euro2008 in my blog. I realize that I blogged far more about the soccer world cup two years ago. Paule already mentioned in her blog, that there is far less a hassle about the Euro2008 in blogs than it was about the world cup two years ago. Just a few words to that issue from my perspective.

Somehow the Euro2008 was not too much of a reason to blog. Although I've gathered media to blog (see the attached video and check out the pictures series after winning the semi-final), I didn't manage to put it on yet. I also only used mobile blogging via Twinkle to, to comment live. So no real visible content here. On my side easy to find reasons for my behaviour. First of all I've visited two festivals within the time of the Euro2008, which quite drew some of my attention, secondly I preferred to spend the rest of the time with my girlfriend rather then to blog.

But our team still made it! We are facing Spain in the final now. I'm crossing my fingers for their win, and I am hoping for another great celebration!

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Die Legende lebt!

Tuesday, May 20. 2008

They didn't make it this weekend. No glorious end of the soccer season for our "local" team from Nuremberg this year. So once again they'll have to rebuild and giht there way back into the first league. Fahrstuhldrubbn! Ole! Ole.

Let's remember some shinier moments:

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Soccer: 1.FC Eintracht Bamberg vs. Vfl Frohnlach

Friday, September 1. 2006

Soccer Bamberg vs FrohnlachOn paule’s proposal we went to see a game of our local soccer team. The 1. FC Eintracht Bamberg is playing in a 4th tier league called “Bayernliga”. I got us some picture footage, and used it to “pimp” paule’s review which has been published on BENF. Also have a look at this review. The entry fee for students was 5€ and local beer is available for 1,80€ (0,5l), so the visit is quite affordable and there will be more interesting games - for sure.

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Soccer Meme

Wednesday, July 12. 2006

I found a nice Meme about the worldcup here. So I'll just grab it, and throw it to a few of my blogger friends: paule, Simon, Sabine, Flo and Flo&Christine.

Your Best worldcup experience? Celebrating the whole night after the match between Sweden and Germany / The stay at the flat

The best match? Germany vs. Argentina - I'll never forget the penalty shooting.

You're favorite chant? Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!

Most beatiful jersey? Although I like black and white, I really liked the jersey of Ecuador

Champion of the hearts? GERMANY!!!

Best beer during the worldcup? I had a lot of Bayreuther Aktienbrauerei "Zwickl" - a great beer.

Most favorite player? MIRO KLOSE - FUßBALLGOTT! - No Just kidding, my favorite is David Odonkor.

Best moment on TV? Jens Lehmann winning the match agains Argentina by killing Cambiasso's penalty

Worst moment on TV? When Italy scored the second goal during the semi-final.

Did you enjoy it? Jepp!

And now? Are you up for more soccer? Well... I will watch some matches from time to time, but not more or less than before.

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Bye, bye Argentina

Saturday, July 1. 2006

Some of my friends wondered, how Germany would send Argentina home. It was exactly like that:

"Man hätte irgendeine Reaktion erwartet, einen Schrei oder geballte Fäuste, aber da war nichts. Keine Regung in Jens Lehmanns Augen, als der von Estéban Cambiasso geschossene Ball von den Handschuhen abklatschte.
Kein Jubel, als die Meute ekstatischer Teamkollegen auf ihn zustürmte und das Berliner Olympiastadion kurzzeitig zum größten Tollhaus der Welt geworden war. Nur der rechte Zeigefinger wippte leicht vor und zurück als äußeres Zeichen, dass der Torwart Lehmann seine Mannschaft gerade ins Halbfinale der WM gebracht hatte. Dann begruben ihn die Mitspieler unter sich. Zwanzig Meter entfernt stand Cambiasso und weinte." (Source:

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Partysan vs. SpVgg Bernd reloaded!

Wednesday, June 28. 2006

Attack!A few days ago my soccer team was a little unlucky and lost the semi-final against Phanta11. A very controversial decision by the referee, who had decided, that a tree branch, which was hit, was part of the game and led to a goal had quite an impact on our game. Yesterday we then had the chance to at least make it number three at our university-soccer-cup. Since we had already faced our opponent during the qualifying round, we were confident that we could beat them again from the start. Our early goals then reminded us to the last game of our German national team. In the end we won 6 to 3, and were happy that we at least had improved on rank in comparison to last year.

@Bee: FYI I changed the header image.

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