Lessons learned during the last days

Wednesday, June 14. 2006

  • There is now after hour party in Bamberg at 4:30am unless
    • You know the right fraternity to drop in
    • You have a neighbour celebrating her birthday
    • You are a personal friend of Gisela and are able to drink huge amounts of “Kalte Ente”
  • If you think your friends are kind of exaggerated - still expect the unexpected
    • Even having “flashing” as a new sport of the masses its kinda unexpected if a friend of you gets her boyfriend almost stripped naked in the middle of the pedestrian zone at four in the morning
  • If you get a second chance to ask a girl for her phone number – just don’t miss it. (you shouldn’t have missed it at the first time, anyway – if someone feels addressed now – just sent me your number, or drop me a few lines, “accidentally” adding your signature…!)
  • it's bright as hell outside at 5am
  • students currently studying in their first semesters might be actually born in 1985 or 1986
  • knowing your DJ's they'll play any reasonable song
    • thx to Dj Heinz for "Football is coming home"
    • thx to Dj Hammer for "Justus Köhnke - So weit wie noch nie"

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I don’t want to find my spare battery – I want chocolate!

Wednesday, January 25. 2006

This posting matches the meaningless Blogs and Wikis my friends have opened recently (here is a meaningless video of yesterdays frozen beer btw.). I’m right now sitting in the Wirtschaftspädagogik Examenscolloquium, which is an obligatory seminar if you want to take part in the exam. Right now I feel the urgent need for some sweets – but unluckily all the chocolate I carried around in my bag is gone. The only thing I could retrieve out of the depths of my bag was the spare battery for my mobile (for which I was searching for quite a while). Through a flash of inspiration I searched my jacket, and found at least some cough drops. Those are now getting consumed by Bine and me. The sugar of the sweets keeps our mood on a bearable level, but the green background (see picture on the left) of Dennis’ charts is about to drive me insane. So I’m hoping that he’ll finish his presentation soon – although the discussion is really interesting. Why is such a minor issue distracting me that much?

Anyway - lessons learned today:

  • Those mobile phones guarantee entertainment
  • Never leave the house without chocolate
  • Brief your fellow students with current ergonomic powerpoint design schemes

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A rough start into the week

Wednesday, January 18. 2006

Monday and Tuesday were definitely two of those days, which I can look back to and tap my own shoulders, that I made it through them. The main plot for them has been laid out on Sunday afternoon. I had decided not to do some sightseeing in Zürich with our party crowd, and stayed at “home” to go through the exercise sheets I have to asses for my Anwendungspakete-tutorial. This decision was strategically important, to give me a little buffer for Monday (and it probably saved me some 80 Franken, which five of my friends hat to pay for fare-dodging in Zürich). After dropping Tanja in Stuttgart, and having trouble with the Navigation-System in Christian’s car, we arrived Bamberg as late as quarter to midnight, I just fell into my bed and slept until late Monday morning. Luckily I managed to finish the assessment of the exercise sheets before noon. But the preparation for my GBIS-Tutorial could have been better… However, Jochen and I did a decent job, and the raised problem will be easily solved next Monday. After the tutorial I had a meeting with Susann scheduled, where she wanted to help me on my SPSS problems for my U3 seminar. Unluckily, she was busy at that time, luckily she referred me to Nadja who is even more into SPSS. That meeting solved a few issues, but also opened a lot of new question. Afterwards I had to hurry for my Anwendungspakete-tutorial. Although the new exercise sheet was out, most of the people were only interested to hear their assessment, and left immediately after getting their results. The remaining evening was stuffed with to dos, too. Visiting the futuredays lecture about nano technologies, meet my new flatmate Juliane, prepare my talk for the U3 Seminar, visit Tim’s birthday party. Somehow I managed to deal with everything and the beer at the Luitpold café, were Tim was celebrating was well earned. Anna later convinced me to join the party crowd, which was moving to the Live Club. Regarding my talk on Tuesday morning this was not a very good idea – but in the retrospective I would not have had the chance to meet this girl… Anyway. No tequila next Monday! And no reason to meet cold ducks again this year.
Tuesday morning I got up at nine, and got ready for my seminar. I was there on time, and the atmosphere was good. I managed to become last presenting, and did quite well. The devastating critic I expected did not take place. Following up dinner was another seminar, which went quite well, too. At this point I was quite exhausted, but I had scheduled a appointment with Georg to exchange last weekends pictures, so I could not drive home yet.
At around 5pm I finally started for Truppach, where I was going with my brother’s car in order to collect my desk. In the morning driving through dense snow with a bycicle was not too much fun. Now driving home over a closed blanket of snow with a rear-wheel drive was no fun, too. But after one hour of driving I reached my parents home. After a good dinner I couldn’t do much more than a little chit-chat, email correspondence and went to bed early.

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