3D-Shooter Mash-Up

Sunday, July 16. 2006

I searched my archives for a certain mp3, and doing that I found the attached mash up, which was done by a friend of mine some years ago. It combines a report on brutal 3D-Shooters with some audio taken from a few of our LAN-Parties... I hope you like it, i think it's just too good to stay in my archive. (Unluckily it's in German, apologies to my English speaking readers.)

Initially I planned to publish the file as my first podcast, but somehow I have problems using the s9y-podcast plugin... Probably next time.

Edit 17.07.: I managed to get the file embedded using quicktime now!

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The test of faithfulness

Wednesday, March 22. 2006

Today I found an interesting podcast. Unluckily it is in German. It is from a German radio station which has a show, where you can call, and the show-makers will afterwards contact your partner and check whether he is faithfull. Download it here.

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Top 10 podcasts 2005

Tuesday, March 14. 2006

Even in the darkest hours of work and despair the WWW offers great distraction. By incident (thx to del.icio.us) I found an article about the Top10 podcasts in 2005 today. And one immediately attracted my focus. It is a podcast by father Roderick Vonhögen a catholic priest from the Netherlands. In his podcast from April 19th “Habemus Papam!!” he reports from St. Peters Square, when the new pope has been introduced. Since I was in Malaysia at that time I couldn’t accompany this progress. Although I’m not catholic the vivid report of father Vonhögen thrilled me. The podcast is quite long, but I can really recommend it! For all my readers who are done with your exams already – I would be very glad to hear some experience about the other top10 podcasts!

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