Advent calendar - 5 - Vienna pictures

Saturday, December 5. 2009

It took far too long.. But finally.. her we go with the finest selection of pictures taken on our Vienna journey this year! No special password required, you only need the one for this year.
There were three problems while handling the picture series: Firstly, I had to take account the different sources for the pictures. They where shot with five different cameras!. Secondly there where a view panoramic pictures, which had to be calculated. Thirdly, the pure amount of over 1000 pictures taken in four days was a little overwhelming.

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Silvester Party Pictures Online

Wednesday, January 7. 2009

This year, once more, I had the honor to take pictures at the year's end party at the Haas-Säle in Bamberg. Results are online now here. We had quite a nice party, and I'm glad my friend Markus made it to visit us.

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Canon 400D - my obituary

Sunday, August 10. 2008

Almost four weeks ago I sold my good "old" Canon EOS 400D. I had bought it in June 2007 out of two reasons. Number one I was in need of a functioning camera to shoot pictures at the Southside Festival (the flash of my 350D was dysfunctional since it was exposed to too much water). Number two due to Canon cashback it was just damn cheap (560EUR incl. 18-55mm EF-S Kit Lens). From the beginning I liked the Camera because of the bigger display 2,5" in comparison to the 1,8" of my 350D. Also I could show off more by shooting pictures with 10 mega pixels. It had one downside, though: The built in flash. At least my model had a bigger reload time than the 350D. After shooting a few pictures using flash it would stop for about a minute to reload the flash - pretty annoying if you want to make a huge amount of pictures at some party. The message board helped me to sell the camera for 350 EUR, so my net loss for shooting about 15000 pictures was 300EUR roughly 2cent/picture. Well. Only about 1/5th of this pictures made it online - so it's 10cent/picture. But it's a hobby so I probably shouldn't waste too much thought into costs. Especially since I re-invested the money into a brand new EOS 40D. But that is a different story. In order to make this obituary worthwhile to read, I've added ten of the best pictures I've shot with the 400D.

Crowd at Placebo performance at the Southside Festival 2007
Groove Armada performance at Frequency Festival 2007
Freak City!
Firework over Old bridge Heidelberg
Performance at Stockholm - Helsinki Cruise
Benjamin von Stuckrad Barre in Bamberg
Oda @ Bad Taste Party
Berit @ Laax
Seagull @ Highway #1
Golden Gate Bridge

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Sandkerwa pictures – Part 2

Saturday, October 27. 2007

Guess, since I already titled a post about Sandkerwa picures as “Part 1” I should come up with the second part. In fact, those pictures are already online in my image gallery for quite some while, but I didn’t find the time to reflect on them. I want to use this post to show you life on the Sandkerwa besides the one you already could see in my previous post.

ThursdayThursday before I threw myself into the “big action” at the Haas Säle, I had the chance to meet my friend Michael and his fiancé Christina at the Stilbruch pub. Somehow I didn't manage to get a picture of Christina, though :-(.

FridayFriday I met DJ Funboy at his venue and afterwards had a nice stroll throughout the festical area. we had a great Netzwerk e.V. get together at the Sodabar, afterwards all of us were partying at the Haas Säle.

SaturdaySaturday I first chilled having a few bears sitting at a window at the Sodabar and later spent quite some time at the Katzenberg with my friends Thomas, Sabine and Fabian. Following Fabian's initiative I had a look at the new opened club "U" but later on ended up at the cm-club.

City Cafe BeachMy Sunday afternoon was spoiled by an endless presentation and I couldn't make it to the blogger meeting in time. But since Jan was playing his lounge music up into the evening I still had the chance to enjoy his music for a few hours at the Sodabar. After taking concert pictures of the Los Chicolores at the Haas Säle I met Katrin and Martin in the streets, and had some drinks outside. Our evening ended at the City cafe.

On Monday I planned to take it easy, but a few friends took me to the "U" club after I finished my picture session at the Haas Säle, and chatting with old friends I stayed there for quite a while.

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Cidre Cruise Pictures available

Tuesday, October 23. 2007

Cidre CruiseNot only to prevent further naggings from Kai, but also to free some space on my main harddisk I finally finished sorting through the pictures of the Cidre cruise. It wasn't as easy as it seems. Originally I had about 900 images, which I had to break down to a more viewable number...

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Conference pictures online

Tuesday, September 25. 2007

dnn2007I managed to sort through all of those pictures I took at the "Das Neue Netz" conference. To achieve a higher level of networking I posted all of them on Flickr, but I prefer having them sorted a little more in my very own gallery. Unluckily it seems that I took an overwhelming mass of pictures. So far only a few more pictures with the conference tag "dnn2007" appeared on Flickr.

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Sandkerwa pictures – Part 1

Wednesday, September 12. 2007

This year’s Sandkerwa I’ve been working for to get them images of their parties. It was just a matter of hard work. While everybody is partying like hell, get over 100 people willingly in front of your lens, take a picture that suits both you and them, and then at the great finale of the party sit in the office and get the pictures sorted and online immediately afterwards. I finally put together a little report about my duty.

ThursdayFor my part it didn’t start too well on Thursday. On Wednesday I had helped out DJing, and was disappointed, when almost no one showed up at the warm-up party. Then on Thursday the party didn’t start too busy, too… But having a lot of friends around helped though the evening, and to the end the crowd was partying well enough to get some nice shots.

Friday I had learned from Thursday, and checked in pretty late on Friday, after partying with friends at other venues. So I took my pictures in a little rush – not too much time to speak to my friends, who also showed up there to take pictures. Playing around with the Night-Portrait option I got a few pretty interesting pictures.

Saturday Saturday for sure is the best visited day at the Sandkerwa. Therefore finally the heat was on at the Haas-Säle. It wasn’t too hard to get good pictures. Seems like the more drunk people get the more pleasant they are in dealing with photographers.

Sunday Sunday is one of the weaker days at the Haas-Säle, therefore a concert is hosted at this day. The Los Chicolores just drew enough people to allow a few pictures that give the impression of a good party, but in my opinion… well just not very well visited. I took the approach to take pictures like I do it on other concerts and left after the Los Chicolores were done to come back later. But later there were only a few people having cocktails at the terrace. So I ended up having only a small picture gallery for that day.

MondayOn Monday I was really happy, that I would be done afterwards. I resisted in taking too much picture of the fireworks, and afterwards had just another walk through the crowd while asking whether the people would like to have a picture taken for the homepage. Although I was already quite pissed after four days doing the same job over and over, this day’s gallery might be the best of the five mentioned above.

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Ransom paid - I’m a Flickr Pro now.

Wednesday, September 12. 2007
juergenhoesch's photos More of juergenhoesch's photos

It took my a few days to decide but I value the chance to share my pictures with a broader range of people worth spending some 18 Euros (thx to the strong Euro!!) on a Flickr subscription.

So I could bring back my older pictures including Edumedia 2006 conference and get enough capacity to share my weallspeakfootball picture there. I’ve also started to geo-tag my images. It is possible to discover the places where the pictures were taken on a map. Unluckly Yahoo, to which Flickr belongs does not yet have the maps in the quality I'm used to by Google Earth - but the maps are sufficient to toy around with. This whole geotagging is a nice feature. I hope it will be done automatic by the next generation of digital cameras.

Now, I’m very curious whether there will be more interaction on my Flickr images than on the images posted in my very own gallery.

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