Sandkerwa – Day 3 – The Funk Bunnys and the sausage story pt. 2

Sunday, August 27. 2006

Bee and PauleUnluckily I can’t yet give you a detailed report on yesterdays events.. This will have to wait until tomorrow. But feel free to have a look at the pictures of the Haas-Säle and on my personal picture until tomorrow!

Edit 29.08. here are the announced stories: One of your fellow bloggers out of Bamberg’s blogosphere was performing being a DJ with the “Funk Bunnies. So we called up for a blogger meeting at the Soda Bar. Many bloggers and friends took the DJ Dr. Jan Schmidtchance to appear there and enjoy the excellent electro funk music there. Unluckily I missed quite a part of the evening since I was on tour at the Haas-Säle to take pictures there. Having an appointment with my “sausage crew” at 1am, I left my blogger friends at this time. Meeting up with Tim, Tanja, Robert, Anna, To, S. and Karsten - and we had our snack consisting of “Krakauer” sausages in front of the Live-Club. It had very well worked – although Robert did almost forget about the bread (but luckily there was a bakery at the Sandstraße..). Guess we won’t forget this picnic that fast.

Searching for a party location we made a short tour through “Schranne 7” passed by the City Café, were annoyed by the music at the Il Centro and ended up drinking some beers and dancing at the Sternla. When the party was almost over there Karsten managed to draw me into the Green Goose to have a good night beer there.. ok.. Green Goose.. no further comment about this..

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