Advent calender - 2 - New Header

Tuesday, December 2. 2008

So I got you a brand new header picture! I probably won't keep it too long, since I got plenty of material which would make decent header pictures. While visiting vlogeurope in Hungary I learned how easy it is to create panorama pictures using Photoshop and pictures taken with my EOS 40D, so I have experimented a little with this possibility. As a result you can see a few pictures here on flickr. The current header picture was taken at a boat tour in Copenhagen.

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New header picture – Beatsteaks

Sunday, August 19. 2007

Beatsteaks on stage Frequency 2007I’ve been looking for a header picture like the current for quite a while now. Unluckily the pictures of bands with crowds I’ve taken before somehow sucked put into the 5:1 format I need for the blog header. Stupid enough the header picture still is far from perfect. It is taken with my Canon EOS 400D camera and the bulk EF-S 18-55mm lens. It was part of a series of pictures I took with a fixed exposure time of 1/10, since I intended to get some movement of the crowd clapping, but guess little shorter, or a lens with an image stabilizer would have done better.

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Southside - Here we come!

Saturday, June 16. 2007

Initially I was planing to visit the great Glastonbury Festival. But somehow I didn't really find some friends to make the long journey to the British Island. The trip would have been quite expensive, though.. But rescue found me - got accredited to cover the Southside Festival and I will be there to guarantee a decent picture coverage.

The Southside Festival is held on a plateau in Neuhausen ob Eck a few kilometers north of Lake Constance. This year 45.000 tickets will be sold for this festival. Headlining artists are the grunge legends Pearl Jam, the alternative-rocker Marylin Manson and the all time hip-hop heroes the Beastie Boys. Personally I'm looking forward to finally see Placebo live. I'm also quite curious in seeing some newcomers like Karpatenhund and Fotos.

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Alternative use for your favourite Social Software

Wednesday, May 16. 2007

Wired Author Keith Axline created a ten step guide presenting steps how to use the Social Software platform Flickr to attract a possible partner for a real romance. It is a quite interesting guide on self-promotion.

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New toy – Canon Digital Ixus 850 IS

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

During the last years I shot quite a number of pictures. First I could use cameras from, two years ago, I got myself a DSLR camera to be able to get decent pictures while being abroad. I don’t regret spending so much money for a camera – it is fast and the picture quality is superb. There is only one little disadvantage with this camera- it’s the size: You can’t just put it in your back pocket.

But once you are used in operating a quite advanced camera you don’t want to give up the comforts. So I hesitated quite long before I bought a small digital camera. But then three weeks ago I borrowed the Ixus 800 had acquired. I immediately fell in love with this camera. It is fast and very handy. Sorting through the pictures at home I realized, that the picture quality was quit good. So I came into thinking… I didn’t have the chance to shoot photos at many occasions, because I was too lazy to carry the big DSLR cam. With a small cam I would never have that problem again. So my desire for a small cam grew.

Checking through cam prices, I realized, that the Ixus 800 IS, would cost around 300 EUR and the new Ixus 850 IS model (which is capable of a higher resolution) was available for around 360€. Luckily I noticed, that Amazon is selling stuff, which they get send back from people who don’t like it, for a lower price through their Resterampe-Shop. There I found a new Ixus 850 IS for less than 300 EUR. I couldn’t resist that offer and ordered the cam.

So now I will definitely be able to shoot more pictures ? But I guess I will have to do some restructuring at my image gallery..

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Cheap Prints

Thursday, August 3. 2006

I found a nice offer for all of you digital photo enthusiasts out there. Until the 20th of August Schlecker is offering prints from your digital photos for just 7 cent. Well, as long as you need to get prints from more than 200 photos – but  guess this shouldn’t be a real problem. I’ll order a bunch of prints in a few days – so if you have less you can also send them to me, and I’ll add them to my order. I made good experience uploading the pictures from some of the CIP-Pools at the university – it was really fast!

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Massive picture update

Thursday, July 20. 2006

I made it to sort through most of the pictures that were waiting on my hard disk. So you can finally see the pictures of my last day at the coke flat (featuring GabeB as Gollum). See some impressions of the barbecue and of Daniel’s barbecue . And of course I have some brand new cat content live from our little farm in Truppach. An uncut version of yesterdays pictures of the student concert is also available. The picture of the concert available on got a little more cut, same applies for the SpLit faculty party – I did only put a small choice of 30 pictures on It doesn’t apply for Prof. Dörner’s farewell lecture – all of the pictures are available here.

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New eyecup!

Thursday, July 20. 2006

Writing about replacement parts I mustn’t forget to tell you about the new eyecup for my Canon EOS-D. I regard this stupid eyecup as worst wearing part of the EOS Digital Series. While using the EOS 300D I lost the rubber of the eyepiece. Using my 350D I first lost the rubber, then the whole eyecup. I replaced it, and a few weeks later lost it again. So this is second time were I had to spend some 11€ to get my camera complete again. This time I will glue it onto the camera to prevent losing it again!

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