Sandkerwa final pt.1 - Haas Säle

Tuesday, August 28. 2007

This is my first location for todays final of the Sandkerwa 2007. Although it took a while until a decent number of people joined the venue, all ended up in a great party!

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On my playlist

Tuesday, July 31. 2007

Tomorrow I’ll have the honor to entertain the partycipate party crowd by playing some tracks for them. I’ll be DJing at the Haas Säle from 9pm to 11pm. At the moment I’m about to gather some music for this event. Again, I’m quite free about the style of music I will be playing - but of course it has to fit to the student main stream audience...

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Freak City does it once more!

Wednesday, June 27. 2007

Champion BambergThe Dragon has been tamed. Yesterday the Team of the Brose Baskets Bamberg won the fourth play off final against the Artland Dragons, ending the best of five series 3:1 for Bamberg! Two years ago, when Bamberg won the championship the first time, i was far away in Malaysia and couldn't take place in the celebrations. This year I was there in the front row. I took pictures of the public viewing at the Haas Säle, from the fans celebrating in the city, at the Maxplatz when the Team arrived back from Quakenbrück and later of the team partying at the Il Centro.

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Bee’s flat warming party

Monday, November 13. 2006

A few weeks ago Bee moved to her new home in Munich – and this weekend she had her flat warming party there. So Christine, Gerald, Thomas and me started to visit her in Munich. We had a lot of fun there and I’ll probably do a more detailed write-up some time or probably Bee or Fox will be faster and write a few words about the event. At the moment have fun watching the picture gallery!

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Sandkerwa - Day 6 – The big after party

Sunday, September 24. 2006

girlsSince I’m already writing about some past incident, I thought I’d also complete the coverage of the Sandkerwa. Although I was home relatively early on Monday I didn’t manage to catch to much restful sleep, so I was not really up for too much party. But since I had been helping the Haas Säle doing their pictures I felt obliged to join the after party for at least a beer. Easily (don’t quite remember how that worked) a few blogger friends could be mobilized to join the party! paule, Scotti, Maddin, Jan and myself joined (some at least to have a beer together). The party was planned to be very small, so Wredo hadn’t bothered to get a DJ – but his old notebook computer containing only weird music. I asked whether we could have some more party tunes, and was immediately recruited being the DJ… Since it was just the job to fill the play list with some suitable tracks it was not too big a burden. Usually there had been several special priced beverages at this after party, but this year Wredo treated us to several rounds of some redcurrant liquor. Although there were just very few people there we had a real good time – even dancing on the tables! At the end it was far later than planned, when we left the Haas Säle being the last guests.

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Sandkerwa – Day 5 – @the Glubb / the bike incident

Monday, September 4. 2006

pauleI’ll rather not write too many details on the Sandkerwa-Monday since my vision got slightly blurred on that day ;-) I started slowly and late into the kerwa day meeting paule at the Markushaus around 9pm. Our blogger-friends were already about to finish their first beer when we met them beneath the Markus-bridge. We then headed for the Live-Club since they had the usual Monday’s deal there: all drinks half price!

Strolling through the streets we didn’t meet too many people – no wonder since the weather was quite cold and rainy. Entering the Live-Club we were the first guests there.. Luckily the music of DJ Hannes could entertain us very well. I took the chance and bought the promised liquors for my friends.

Fireworks in BambergDuring the evening I visited the Haas-Säle twice and also managed to see the fireworks from the street. Certainly after the fireworks, the first empty Live-Club got filled by a stream of people and we had a great time celebrating with a lot of friends from

After leaving the Live-Club our next target was the Morph-Club – but lost our Wikinger on the way there. Discussing in front of the Morph-Club whether paule would join us I met a passing acquaintance who was desperately seeking for a bike. Obviously he needed the bike to meet a friend (female) at the “city beach”, which is quite a distance from the Morph-Club. I could be convinced to lend him the bike in exchange for a car key as deposit. When I got back to my friends paule had already headed home. Suddenly I didn’t feel like paying an huge amount of money to enter the Morph-Club and decided to follow paule.

I didn't regret to go home early and the next morning I collected my bike in front of the Morph-Club - like agreed upon - now I only have to arrange a key-axchange with this fella.

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Sandkerwa – Day 3 – The Funk Bunnys and the sausage story pt. 2

Sunday, August 27. 2006

Bee and PauleUnluckily I can’t yet give you a detailed report on yesterdays events.. This will have to wait until tomorrow. But feel free to have a look at the pictures of the Haas-Säle and on my personal picture until tomorrow!

Edit 29.08. here are the announced stories: One of your fellow bloggers out of Bamberg’s blogosphere was performing being a DJ with the “Funk Bunnies. So we called up for a blogger meeting at the Soda Bar. Many bloggers and friends took the DJ Dr. Jan Schmidtchance to appear there and enjoy the excellent electro funk music there. Unluckily I missed quite a part of the evening since I was on tour at the Haas-Säle to take pictures there. Having an appointment with my “sausage crew” at 1am, I left my blogger friends at this time. Meeting up with Tim, Tanja, Robert, Anna, To, S. and Karsten - and we had our snack consisting of “Krakauer” sausages in front of the Live-Club. It had very well worked – although Robert did almost forget about the bread (but luckily there was a bakery at the Sandstraße..). Guess we won’t forget this picnic that fast.

Searching for a party location we made a short tour through “Schranne 7” passed by the City Café, were annoyed by the music at the Il Centro and ended up drinking some beers and dancing at the Sternla. When the party was almost over there Karsten managed to draw me into the Green Goose to have a good night beer there.. ok.. Green Goose.. no further comment about this..

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Sandkerwa – Day 2 – Taking a stroll at the Kerwa and the sausage story

Saturday, August 26. 2006

KerwaYesterday I started into the Kerwa with Karsten taking a stroll over the Kerwa area. On our stroll we enjoyed a chilled Mahr-U and met a lot of friends. Unluckily I had to take care of my beer and couldn’t take too much pictures. We noticed that the Kerwa seems to start later this year – at around 9pm there were a lot of people on the street – but barely someone inside the many many bars..

PArty at J-newsThis time I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Haas-Säle (probably because it was much easier for me to ask people for pictures after having a few drinks..). At the Haas-Säle we also had an “old-times-revival” since Robert and To, Tim and me were there. Our evening together ended at Dörte’s place –and enjoying a Krakauer-Sausage there someone had the idea, that we could bring our own sausages the next day. It was decided, that I’d be responsible to get sausages, Robert and Anna would bring bread and Tim has to take care for mustard. So I bought sausages today…

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