Adventskalender - 5 - Weihnachtsstimmung

Sunday, December 5. 2010

Zack - schon ist der zweite Advent. Falls du noch nicht völlig in Weihnachtsstimmung bist, und eventuell die tolle CD, die ich dir im letzten Jahr zusammengestellt habe immer noch verschollen ist, bringt dir dein Elch heute eine weitere Sammlung von weihnachtlichen Liedern. Ich glaub er hat sie auf der Dropbox abgeladen :-)

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Adventskalender - 2 - Voll Laser...

Thursday, December 2. 2010

... wie du abgehst. Nicht unbedingt auf allzu elektronische Musik wie die von Laserkraft 3D, aus deren Lyrics ich den Titel dieses Posts geborgt habe, aber vielleicht auf das Album, dass dir heute der Elch gebracht hat :-) Ich habs im Buchregal ganz rechts hinter einem großen Buch versteckt :-) mp3-Version leg ich dir auf die Dropbox.

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Advent calendar - 24 - Temptation

Thursday, December 24. 2009

Today's present might also be suitable as a Christmas present. I acquired it a while ago, and the big thing about the present might not be the present itself, but the temptation for me, to have the present for myself! Nevertheless I withstood the temptation, and I hope you like it!

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Advent calendar - 1 - Hidden in plain sight

Tuesday, December 1. 2009

Today's present is hidden for you in our cozy flat. Please look for an hidden envelope hidden under the picture taken of us at Vroni and Chrisi's wedding!

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Mach den Obi

Tuesday, February 17. 2009

I wonder whether the artist got sponsoring money to include moves to this song which imitates a beaver biting into wood and calling it "do the obi", where obi is a home improvement store chain, using a beaver as their maskot...

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Advent calendar - 3 - favored songs

Wednesday, December 3. 2008

For all music lovers out there, who fancy Itunes I found a nice recommendation. The German music magazine keeps a monthly selection of interesting songs free for download over Itunes. All you need is to register at and click to revieve a Itunes voucher to download interesting new songs.

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Kerwa Kerwa Kerwa

Sunday, September 7. 2008

MacLoud on stageYesterday I visited our local festival: the Zeltkerwa in Truppach. The Rock-Cover-Band MacLoud was on stage and I really had some fun there. As result I generated some media coverage of this event. Have a look at my image gallery here, or watch these two YouTube-Videos. There is also a German review at the, and I didn't miss the chance to write about the event on Qype.

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Monday, May 12. 2008

pacific coast

Sorry, for the German title and attached German song, but sometimes I can't avoid to bring content in my native language ;-) I've got us a new header picture yesterday night. It shows the Pacific coast of the US taken from scenic road #1 somewhere south of Monterey. The day it was taken was one of the last hot summerdays I've had in my US holidays. Afterwards, the weather became colder.

Got to admit, that I missed the great wheather, for a while, although the skiing holiday one week later was equal fun. Guess I can't decide, whether I'm a summer or a winter guy. But well - do I have to? At the moment I really enjoy the summery wheather. But for the days the weather won't be so nice, I've attached the video!

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