Advent calendar - 4 - Game4U

Friday, December 4. 2009

I have super-tuned our satellite receiver to watch today's Bundesliga top-game FC Bayern München vs. Borussia Mönchengladbach today with you! Let's hope for an interesting match!

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Returned from frequency

Sunday, August 19. 2007

For those who followed my short reports about the frequency festival - i safely returned this morning quarter to four, after visiting Bee and later Tom in Munich. So far I caught up some missing sleep and read the media I recorded at the festival (some 3GB) into my computer. Later I will get my notes and start writing my festival review. So far I think there are going to be two reviews - one official for, and a rather unofficial with my impressions for my blog. I think I might split the last into different postings, since there will be quite a lot of different aspects in it.

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Bee’s flat warming party

Monday, November 13. 2006

A few weeks ago Bee moved to her new home in Munich – and this weekend she had her flat warming party there. So Christine, Gerald, Thomas and me started to visit her in Munich. We had a lot of fun there and I’ll probably do a more detailed write-up some time or probably Bee or Fox will be faster and write a few words about the event. At the moment have fun watching the picture gallery!

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