What is "media diversity"?

Sunday, March 12. 2006

Guess I’ll need that for my exam on Wednesday - at least as a snippet. So I use this topic to break the series of “useless” tagged entries… First there are two perspectives on this topic on is more macro-economical and quantitative, and considers the different available media offerings in a country e.g. the topic that German Publishing giant Springer (who among other things publishes “Bild” – Germany’s most read tabloid) was not allowed to take over the private TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1. So if there would only be one or two big companies running all the media in a country you could consider the media diversity as very shallow.

The other approach towards media diversity is more micro-economical and qualitative. This is more the perspective I want to use when I’m writing about media diversity related to teaching. Here you can consider it as the “use of different tools, media types and materials”. So in this context we might just consider it as many different media channels, which are used. Talking about inevitably the various possibilities of the internet may strike us. It can’t be regarded as one media channel, but has to be analyzed more deeply to get an overview over the different channels there.

Further thoughts on this topic are appreciated!

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Blogging with multimedia content

Friday, January 13. 2006

At the wiai.community Stammtisch Dr. Jan Schmidt presented some results of his ongoing research on weblogging. One of the results that I can’t get out of my mind is, that only some 3 percent of all bloggers are enhancing there posts with multimedia content. So I’ll make it a mission to enhance my further postings with some videos from my mobile phone. The first part of this series can be seen here. It is Jan talking about putting pictures of cats into their blogs. I hope you are able to watch the movies compressed in 3gp format. If you have trouble viewing them, try to get a new version of the Realplayer.

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CP-Tower @ Google Earth

Monday, December 26. 2005

Today I installed a new version of Google Earth, and this time I was able to discover some familiar buildings in Malaysia. Not only the office building, where I used to work in PJ can now be found, even the swimming pool of my former condominum can be spotted. Very impressive!!

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