Bye. Bye. Bamberg.

Friday, August 28. 2009

Two more nights - that's all that's left. Right? today I had a kind of sad experience in leaving my flat in Bamberg - it was no longer a real flat, but more a big storage room. So finally I got to cope with the thought that Bamberg, which was my center of life for quite some time (like 10 years now) is no longer in fast reach..

Anyway. The new flat is great! Might post about it next.

P.S. To all my readers: If you are bored this Sunday afternoon, helping hands for loading the truck in Bamberg are appreciated!

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Re-settled in in Bamberg

Wednesday, February 21. 2007

It has been a while, since I’ve been using my little scratch file, to create a new blog entry. I was too busy creating text for my diploma thesis, that I’d have enough time and muse to write extensive entries here. But I have got a few creative ideas and I plan to write them down here :-)

You might already have noticed that my blog has a new toy – I added the nifty plazer widget to my sidebar! Now you can trace my current location… Currently you will notice, that I successfully moved in at Katrin’s place at the moment. Since my friend is on holiday in South America for the next 5 weeks, I can use her apartment to spend more time in Bamberg.

After one week here, I managed to settle in here, and almost forgot about the stress of the last weeks. It’s time for an energetic restart. Gotta get my job applications going! Cross your fingers, that I’ll be successful soon.

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Bye, Bye, BA :(

Wednesday, January 31. 2007

Moved out of my flat today. Somehow I'm feeling sad now. But thx to Katrin, I'll be spending a few mor weeks in BA starting in two weeks time. So it's not yet a final goodbye.

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Bee’s flat warming party

Monday, November 13. 2006

A few weeks ago Bee moved to her new home in Munich – and this weekend she had her flat warming party there. So Christine, Gerald, Thomas and me started to visit her in Munich. We had a lot of fun there and I’ll probably do a more detailed write-up some time or probably Bee or Fox will be faster and write a few words about the event. At the moment have fun watching the picture gallery!

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Blog moved to different server

Saturday, October 28. 2006

Hopefully you didn’t notice anything at all – but my blog as changed its physical location today! It has been moved to a faster server in Ebern! Thx to Chrisi’s experience the transfer happened smooth and everything seems to work fine. Since the whole environment for my blog software has changed there might be bugs we didn't notice yet - if you notive anything please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Leaving Bamberg

Wednesday, September 20. 2006

More or less the next weeks will decide the date when I will move out of my place in Bamberg. Since my fellow occupant Christian is not very happy with our flat (because of our unreliable landlord) he is planning to move out here at the end of either December or January. Since this is about the time, when I will finish my studies here, it is of no use for me to search for a new flat, or for new flatmates just for one to three months. So I’ll be moving back to my parents place in Truppach until I have a Job somewhere..

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A spontaneous trip into the south

Friday, January 13. 2006

When I initially got the invitation for Bianca’s birthday party it was obvious, that my current workload won’t allow me to visit her in Zürich. But then she called me tonight.. and she was just too convincing. I was still sitting inside RZ0.07 (my favorite hangout since I don’t have internet access at home yet) and Bianca told me, that Christian would leave for Zürich in 45 minutes. Since I was at the university by bus, this was quite a challenge. But my brother helped my out quite well (I had to borrow his sleeping bag and we had already planned, that he would deliver my old desk chair to me this evening anyway). So he collected me at the computing center and dropped me at my place. With some ten minutes to go until Christian would collect me, I ran into my flat-mate Christian who was about to transport a wardrobe to our third floor apartment. So I was at the right time at the right place to help him. When we were finished Christian already called that he’d be on his way – brilliant timing. We then collected Pia and are right now on our way to Zürich.

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